D&D 5E Over the Next Hill 2: 6 Plug-In Settlements for your 5E Game

This new 37-page softcover compilation is the second Over The Next Hill book. Over The Next Hill 2 is a booklet containing six small towns that can be dropped into a campaign with minimal preparation. Each settlement is 4-5 pages long, and presents several NPCs, points of interest, and loose plot hooks that can be developed during play.


Here's a look at the contents of this 37-page book!

  • Summerwine Creek. Summer is here, and with it comes Summerwine Creek, an idyllic village with an otherworldly secret. What is behind the settlement's endless festivities? By James J. Haeck; illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  • City of Hidden Ways. Glavas Roh is secretive village dominated by an enormous obsidian monolith, hundreds of feet tall, with an ancient, occult purpose. This settlement is designed to be dropped into any setting, complete with NPC descriptions and suggested plot hooks. By GM Lent; illustrated by Xanditz.
  • Gazebo Bay. The Over The Next Hill series continues with another "plug-in" location, ready to be inserted into your 5E campaign. Gazebo Bay is a tropical island, and a place to recuperate after an arduous adventure. Ambrose Ingram brings you NPCs like Chef Bosco, and "Big E" Affleby, and a description of the island and its various areas. Illustrated by Victoria Oliveria.
  • Roak Creek. This artistic community is located in a secretive clearing. What no one knows is that Lord Childe made an enemy of the devious night hag, Auntie Mudwillow. He stole her heartstone, the black gem that allows her to become ethereal. While she eventually killed him, he never divulged where he hid her heartstone, and she has searched for it ever since. A location, including NPCs, areas, rumors, and plot hooks. By Shambralyn Baker, illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  • Stonewatch Lighthouse. Stonewatch is an aging lighthouse that looms above a particularly dangerous stretch of coastline. Its lone, weather-beaten spire rises from a rocky hilltop, as if stubbornly guarding against the thick ocean mists that churn below. The lighthouse itself is manned by an elderly knight in the middle of his final vigil, and a humble village nearby provides a modicum of refuge for passing travelers. Every light casts a shadow, though - and Stonewatch is no exception. The villagers whisper about strange, unexplained events, such as travelers disappearing from their rooms and ghostly forms appearing on misty nights, seemingly emerging through the solid walls of the nearby lighthouse itself.
  • The Medieval Lord's Manor. Baronies and fiefdoms are a staple of medieval fantasy, playing a role in many of our games and worlds—today's article takes a historical approach to understanding the barony of Alexander Ouer Middleton, providing a perfect example of the usual ruler, subordinates, and culture to be found in a medieval estate. Included are statistics for the baron (CR 3), his reeve (CR ¼), and the local miller (CR ½) as well as rumors and plot hooks alongside a custom map of the Middleton lands! Written by Phill Harmon; illustrated by Indi Martin; cartography by Mik Holmes.
For those also pledging for the first Over The Next Hill via the "Two Hills" pledge tier, that 29-page book contains five settlements:
  • The Village of Drood. The Village of Drood is a small village bordering a dark wood, founded by a travelling wizard and ready to be plugged in to your campaign. The first in the series of settlements, this article contains NPCs and plot hooks. By Mark Craddock; illustrated by Jacob Blackmon.
  • The Town of Rivereave. Rivereave is a lakeside fishing town on the fringes of civilization - an ideal base camp from which to launch expeditions into the wilderness! With NPCs, locations, and plot hooks, these settlements can be used in any campaign. By Scott Marcley; illustrated by Indi Martin.
  • Village of Dreams. Halloween is here with Josh Gentry's Village of Dreams. Natulog is a sleepy hamlet, but the thick evening fogs deliver messages through the dreams of those who rest there. Part of the Over the Next Hill series, this plug-in settlement includes significant areas, notes on dream reading, and rumors and plot hooks suitable for all character levels. Illustrated/cartography by Michael Tumey.
  • Springs of Hverfell. Hverfell is located in a hidden verdant valley in the midst of unforgiving tundra. Investigate the Spitz Bathhouse, the Elemental observatory, or the Aviary. Meet the conjurer Leogard Brix or Mistress Ashley Leon of the Ochre Springs Bathworks. As always, the article presents significant NPCs, locations, plus plot hooks and rumors. By June Bordas; art by Phil Stone; cartography by June Bordas.
  • The Hamlet of Varseldorf. Pater Zacchaeus brings us the Hamlet of Varseldorf, another plug-in village for your 5E game. With the usual significant areas and plot hooks, this initially idyllic-seeming village of doppelgängers has a dark secret! Cartography by Michael McCarthy.
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