Painters Thumb Miniature Painting Service WARNING PIC HEAVY


Hello, I am a commission painter and I am looking for work! I have been painting miniatures since I was 6 years old and have been doing it for 24 years. I have been painting professionally for the last 7 years. Painting miniatures is my only job (next to taking care of my family) and I paint roughly 50-100 models per week. I have cut my teeth in painting at my local game store, learning different techniques, paints, and tools. Thus I can paint just about any style, or copy about any example that you would like your miniatures to look! I generally do my best to achieve between tabletop+ and display quality on every figure that I paint.

My prices are as follows: (The price range is determined by the complexity of the model. Complexity is determined by things like lots of bags, weapons, potions , little details, and how dynamic of a pose the figure has)

Small sized figures (Goblins, Dwarves, Hobbits, Small animals like dogs and cats) $5-$10
Medium Sized figures (Humans, Orcs, medium sized animals like bears or lions) $8-$12
Big sized figures (Ogres, Minotaur, Golems, Owlbear Calvary etc) $10-$15
Large sized figures (Dragons, Giants, etc roughly what is shown in this page) $20-$35
Huge models $120-$250

The only things that could change these price ranges are complex freehand work, complex basing, or conversion/sculpting work.

Turn around time is approximately:
1-2 weeks for 1-10 models
4-6 weeks for 11-40 models
8-12 weeks for 41-100 models

I do allow rush orders.

I also provide a 15 percent discount for all customers that pay upfront, and if not upfront than a minimum of 50 percent of the project total upon my receiving of your models.

Without further ado here are some examples of my work, if you would like to see more/put in an order/ or any other questions please feel free to message me on here or email me @