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Looking to battle the forces of intergalactic tyranny? Feeling like exploring new worlds, new civilizations? Then get ready to warp into adventure. This sale puts galaxies far, far away at your fingertips. Remember, alien invaders also make great monsters and villains (and unlikely heroes) for most game settings.

Rifts® Ultimate Edition Hardcover – Cat. No. 800HC – The core rules to one of the most unique settings in gaming. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, human augmentation and more all rolled into one epic setting. Everything you need for Rifts Earth and any Rifts® Dimension Book.
ALL 16 Rifts® Dimension Books™ – From Wormwood™ (battle for the soul of humanity on a living planet), Phase World® (your first step into the Three Galaxies), and Skraypers™ (superhumans battle alien invaders) to Thundercloud Galaxy™, Secrets of the Atlanteans, and the Minion War starting in Hades and Dyval.
Rifts® Sourcebook 2: The Mechanoids® – Cat. No. 805 – The Mechanoids® could invade Rifts Earth unless you and Archie Three can stop them!
Mechanoid Invasion® RPG Trilogy – Cat. No. 400 – The three RPG books that launched Palladium Books collected in one edition and legions of deadly Mechanoids, their world devouring spaceship, aliens and more. A complete RPG.
Mutants in Orbit™ Rifts® and After the Bomb® sourcebook – Cat. No. 514 – Mutant insects, space stations, moon base, Archie-7, and more.
Aliens Unlimited™ sourcebook for Heroes Unlimited – Cat. No. 515 – 85 alien races, 15 monsters, weapons and more – easily adapted to Rifts®, Phase World®, and most Palladium settings.
Aliens Unlimited® Galaxy Guide sourcebook for Heroes Unlimited – Cat. No. 519 – more aliens, space combat, planet creation rules, and more – easily adapted to Rifts®, Phase World®, and most Palladium settings.
The Palladium SALE runs now thru May 12. It ends after midnight Wednesday, May 12, 2021. ... Items.html

Looking for PDFs? SALE! All of these titles and 200+ more are on SALE as PDF books from – it ends May 17. ... _id=246835

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