Pandemic: How will you continue to enjoy your hobbies?


First of all, our next rpg games will be online. I've never done this before but have been wanting to. Skype for the first session. Maybe Roll20 afterwards. My wife and I will be continuing her solo player Essential Kit adventure.

Looking at my pile of unpainted miniatures, I've got my work cut out for me!

Reading : I received the Forbidden Lands box a few days ago. I'm halfway through Modern AGE Treefold setting book.

Edit: I'm also fiddling around with the B/X ruleset. Writing all the house rules we created in the 80s. Not sure were I'm going with this. It's fun to do on rainy days.

Finally, this winter I rediscovered the joys of miniature rocket modelling. I have three kits to build and paint. I also have motors for launches in secluded places.

How about you?

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I opted out of last night's pub game; however, I have been running online a long term Classic Traveller game that is my hard SF homebrew: fusion torch ships and real star maps. Also I am a player in a standard universe Traveller 5 game online. Sort of on the look out for other online games, looking at ads on reddit or fb, etc..

No change for me, Fantasy Grounds.

If you going online, I suggest you use Discord over Skype. I've had a lot less issues with bandwidth etc with Discord. Plus its persistent so you can have channels for in-game and out of game chat, plus ones for posting setting information etc.

Though I know Roll20 is free, if your actually going to use a VTT, I strongly suggest you look around and don't just go with the one that seems most popular.


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Things in the world have developed quickly recently. My usual group and I haven't had a chance to discuss what we will be doing.

Broadly speaking, at this time there's not a lot of risk for a half-dozen people getting together in a private home. But if folks aren't comfortable, we'll put it on hold.

One game store owner I know has had an idea that might help him through this time when his shop may not get much business - running online games for a fee. I may join up with that, to help support a local business.

Play by mail with letters written in bodily fluids. Very safe and hygienic.


I am now in the work from home crowd, along with having my kids do Online school from home. They are our group, so we will continue as normal there. Otherwise, though, we will probably watch more movies and play more games just to keep ourselves from going stir crazy.

And hope that the weather continues to improve so we can get some yard work done as well.

Well, I lost track of my Roll20 password, but Tabletop Simulator is an option. Yeah, also lost track of my Fantasy Grounds password.
You do know that almost every website has a feature you can request a password reset right? I know FG does; Lost Password Recovery Form - Fantasy Grounds Message Boards

Then once you get that all you have to do is go to your Order History and your license key will be right there;


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I haven’t participated in TTRPG gaming in more than a year now, since my main group went poker crazy.

Fortunately, I have other hobbies, like playing guitar.


My group and I haven’t come to a point where we’re talking about suspending, but as Umbrian said things are moving so fast I truly have no idea what the next week holds, much less the next month. I had to drop out of my other group due to other life issues right now, right before this started happenin. I do know that online tabletop gaming is likely not in my future- I’m not set up for it, and I just don’t find it very fulfilling.
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