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Coming Party First: Twilight War - Espionage in an alternate Cold War



Party First is a rules light tabletop roleplaying game for 2-7 players by Will Lentz and Brett Zeiler about the horrors of the supernatural and cosmic but also the human and bureaucratic. It takes its cues from media such as The Thing, Red Dawn, The Fly, The Hunt for Red October, and even Stranger Things but filtered through an alternate history twist.

Party First: Twilight War is a supplement book for Party First which expands on the game world with an espionage, James Bond or Jason Bourne inspired focus. Jerod Leopuld and Zachary Gourley join Will to bring new classes, new ways to ratchet up tension, and two new adventures in approximately 50 pages. It’s the second crowdfunding campaign from Gamenomicon and launches on Kickstarter 2/8/21. The prelaunch page is live at bit.ly/twilightwar.

What people are saying:

“The combination of eldritch horror and the Cold War is a match made in heaven, and telling that story from the Soviet side ratchets up the tension and paranoia even more. This is very rich ground in which to tell stories.” – Mike Curry, System Design 7th Sea Second Edition

“Gamenomicon consistently fuses rich thematic settings with direct & beautiful presentation & play. Their games slide me sideways into a parallel world. So I have to ask myself, ‘Am I ready for the Twilight War?’” – Tony Vasinda, Plus One Exp.

“…the rules are easy to pick up,[and] provide a dynamic resource mechanism that injects decisions into the dice rolls beyond “do I succeed or not.” – Patrick Kanouse, BlackGate.com

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