Level Up (A5E) Path of Lean Winters limitations

Ben Weaver

I have started running an A5E game and one of my player's is a Berzerker with the Path of Lean Winters talent.
The question I have is on this portion:
"Additionally, you can go without Supply for a number of days equal to 3 + your Constitution modifier (minimum 1) before suffering a level of fatigue."

I could not determine any rules for this. My at-the-table ruling was that the character will need to complete an equal number of long rests while consuming a Supply before you can use this feature again. He did not really like it, so I thought I would get some feedback. He interpreted this as essentially infinite since he could use it again whenever he wanted. His compromise was he needed 1 long rest with Supply to reset (so for him he would only need supply once every seven days.

The Forsaken benefit "Eat like a Bird" is similar, and also does not list a limitation.

Is there an official ruling or something I am missing?
If not, how would you rule on this?

Thank you in advance.

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if you look at the Diehard Survivor human gift, one of its points in Feast and Famine, which reads:
You can tighten your belt during hard times. You can go a number of days equal to your Constitution modifier without suffering any fatigue from lack of Supply. Afterwards you require twice as much Supply for as many days as you went without.
the fact that this ability lists a limitation while the two you listed don't suggests that they are not intended to have a limitation, and thus that his compromise is actually the intended reading. of course, you could steal the limitation from feast and famine if you feel that's overly powerful, but his reading (that he can go a week [assuming his con mod is a +4] between eating) seems correct.

...also, imagine tying these together. with a +4 con mod, you could go 2 (forsaken)+7 (berserker)+4 (human) days without food and be perfectly fine. that's almost 2 weeks straight (of course, with the way feast and famine is written, you'd then have to consume either 8 [RA{probably}I] or 26 [RAW] supply immediately, which is...horrifying to visualize).


I do think the above interpretation is right, once you have supply you reset the clock. Power wise, there are several perks in the game (especially from rangers and druids) that effectively make supply a non-issue for 1 or more characters, so making supply a non-issue for yourself seems to be in the right ballpark of power level.

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