D&D 5E Path of the Giants new subclass WotC video.


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Transcript is below in the spoilers
presents Glory of Giants and we have a
new subclass path of the jack tell me
about it
as the name implies uh allows you to as
a barbarian to channel the primordial
might of giants this means not only in
terms of like giant creatures that are
very big in size but uh in the D D
Mythos the Giants themselves are tied to
uh the primordial chaos and Elemental
chaos and all the different
elements so as a path of a giant
Barbarian you not only get to bulk up
like you would a giant but you also get
the ability to infuse your weapons with
this fearsome Elemental energy what's
the first ability that's unique that you
get as a as a barbarian path of the
giant so you get to go big right away oh
yeah you get to go big the very first
thing you get is Giants Havoc which uh
among a couple other things allows you
to grow in size given that your
environment allows it you get to become
large everything you're wearing becomes
large uh and as a as another thing you
also have the ability to add your rage
damage modifier to thrown attacks made
with your strength in very classic d d
giant Motif is them yucking rocks and so
we really wanted to bring that feeling
into the giant subclass the other thing
you get when you first take the subclass
at third level is you learn giant or
another language if you already know
Giant and you get one can trip either
depending on which kind of way you want
to go with your uh Barbarian right and
then after a third level as you progress
things get more intense you start being
able to throw more and larger things at
six level you get elemental Cleaver
which allows you to infuse weapons you
are holding with that primordial
Elemental might healing back from all
these mythical Giants and other uh
primordial Hulk and Titans you also as a
benefit of infusing your weapon with
that energy uh any weapon you are
holding can become a throne weapon which
allows you to use that aforementioned
adding your rage damage bonus to any
Throne weapon attack and that weapon
will automatically return to your hand
so you go from just chucking uh your
daggers and your hand axes to Chuck in
your full-on great swords at creatures
which is super fun and feels very
uh chaotic in a good way in the Havoc
reeking way that big Burly Giants often
um throwing great swords is terrifying
and then the fact it returns to your
hand so then you could throw it again
and then after that things get really
intense you start to be able to move
people around the battlefield to start
to get to throw creatures Mighty impel
allows you to move any creature that is
medium or smaller to an unoccupied space
and this can be a willing creature so
you can use this while you're raging to
help move your fellow party members
tactically around the battlefield
however the other fun things that you
can just pick up an enemy and throw them
now enemy has to make a save and but if
they fail you not only move them uh they
would take fall damage if they are in a
space that cannot support them which is
super fun and is really interesting in
terms of like being able to be like a
battle tactician especially if you're
playing uh with a group that very much
values combat tactics and approach it
gives you a lot of movement utility as
well as just a lot of fun yeah tossing
your friends around throwing throwing
someone off a cliff all that yeah and
then at the end there's like the
Capstone ability yes your Capstone
ability is called a demiurgic Colossus
which just basically means all your
things previously get bigger and beefier
so you instead of just becoming large
you can become large or huge you can
move creatures that are large or smaller
and it's it's just you just get
even beefier and even more Giant and
it's just awesome what did you enjoy
about designing this subclass in
um oh it was just it's just a fun
subclass it's just
it brings me joy and like the giddiest
kind of childlike way of as someone who
is not necessarily small but on the
smaller side it basically feels like all
of my I desire to be big and hulking and
massive dreams just kind of being poured
onto the page as a game designer I
always find it so fascinating to have
like smaller creatures being able to
channel their might and and grow and
become these amazing hulking Titans on
the battlefield and so this subclass
kind of really sung with that very
chaotic Gremlin energy giant Gremlin
energy and it it was really fun kind of
looking at all the Giants and seeing
like what makes a giant a giant what
makes a giant Indian D feel like a d d
Giant and how do you transfer those
quintessential aspects of what of a DND
giant into a player subclass in a way
that makes the player feel like they are
really harnessing the might and Power
and chaos and Havoc that those giants
can reek
English (auto-generated)
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I crit!
At first blush the capstone seems anticlimatic. Why not gargantuan? (note I know why, and in the WotC D&D 5e context can't really disagree)


I crit!
Also, I do love the throwing an enemy ability, but I didn't know that you needed a special ability to do it. My current huge and bigger (and some really strong smaller creatures) don't need one to throw enemy's. Though I think this will allow you to do it with out having to grapple first?


Well, this is a super fun subclass. Seems obvious, in retrospect, which is always a good sign. Love that it gives more tactical options for barbarians (chucking friends and enemies around the battlefield) in a way that still feels very barbarian.

My only concern is that, as a miniatures enthusiast, it will be challenging to get different sized miniatures for the same character.

Edit: also, gargantuan would feel weird, IMO - giants are normally large (lesser giant kin) or huge.


This seems like a fun subclass. Hopefully it’s not ruined in the numbers when released. Being able to throw any weapon and have it return is nice.


Follower of the Way
Am I the only one getting really wigged out by the art they used here? The arm proportions are straight-up uncanny valley, and her right forearm is apparently made of rubber, given it curves before it reaches her wrist...

Am I the only one getting really wigged out by the art they used here? The arm proportions are straight-up uncanny valley, and her right forearm is apparently made of rubber, given it curves before it reaches her wrist...
IDk, I just replicated that pose in front of a mirror and that is pretty much what my forearm looks like (but less muscular). Now my bones didn’t bend, but the arm kinda looks like it is bending because of the muscles, angle, and perspective

Is the intent that when you become large, your weapon that grew with you does double weapon dice damage, such as DMG p277, or is just being large a general disadvantage because more foes can attack you in melee, more likely to be in an area of effect, has to squeeze more often during movement, can't ride large mounts, etc.?

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