D&D 5E Path of the Giants new subclass WotC video.

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Is the intent that when you become large, your weapon that grew with you does double weapon dice damage, such as DMG p277, or is just being large a general disadvantage because more foes can attack you in melee, more likely to be in an area of effect, has to squeeze more often during movement, can't ride large mounts, etc.?
No, those rules are specifically for monsters. Spells like Enlarge and the Rune Knight specifically state what effect they have on damage. Being Large means you threaten more squares which is good for feats like Sentinel. It also means you can grapple targets one size category larger than usual.


Am I the only one getting really wigged out by the art they used here? The arm proportions are straight-up uncanny valley, and her right forearm is apparently made of rubber, given it curves before it reaches her wrist...
Foreshortening. It's the artist's answer to all of those problems. ;-)


I don't think foreshortening should cause a wrist to bend 30 degrees before it reaches the hand.
You'd be surprised at the sins an artist can excuse with "foreshortening"! :LOL:

But seriously, I had a quick look at Treantmonk's review and it turns out that particular character is a halfling—which explains so much.

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