Payn's Ponderings Black History Month Music Edition

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2/8 Childish Gambino

Ok, so this is going to be a fun one. Donald Glover has turned out to be an amazing musician. Just real clever use of effects and writing in his songs. Here is a little live studio take for your enjoyment.

Curious about how he chose the name? Why he used the Wu Tang name generator of course. Mine turned out to be Mastermind Pestering. What is yours?


Still prefer this to Coolio's reimagining:

Sampling has become a culture all its own. Some folks find it divisive, but really music has a long history of artist using, borrowing, and stealing from one another. I can be picky myself, but I'll drop a couple for y'all. The first is one is from Nas for all the metal heads around here, the second is for the great Biz Markie who passed too soon.



Ahem... never forget that Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nuthing ta fu… well you know the rest.

Also, the perennially-21 version of me lurking somewhere inside my head is delighted to see the likes of Fishbone and Del get mentioned.

Let’s see, which primarily American artists/bands were all-black or with a prominent black contribution can I mention that we haven’t really hit on yet?

Jimi Hendrix.....

Just want to say, Hendrix is someone, that anyone with interest in rock or heavy metal (and other music as well of course) should listen to and learn the importance of. I think because he is so associated with the 60s, people that cut their teeth on the music that was influenced by him, don't always develop a full appreciation for his significance. He is one of those dividing lines when it comes to guitar history. There is guitar prior to Hendrix and guitar after him (similar to how there is guitar before Eddie Van Halen and after). And so many guitarists were influenced by him. My favorite player has long been Dave Murray from Iron Maiden and he frequently mentions, in very specific ways, how Hendrix influenced his playing.

For me, the thing I always took from Hendrix was the way he blended melodies and chords. In a song like Little Wing for example.

That last one is a good song by a great talent, @dragoner , but could you maybe replace it with one of Mayfield’s more grandma-friendly tunes?
I took it out, I suppose you mean the intro? Yes, it should make people uncomfortable, people using words like that made me uncomfortable when we moved to the US, Texas, and I was not off the plane minutes before hearing it, and for years later, hearing words like that used as a nouns, verb, and adjectives ... mind that where I came from, words like that were illegal.

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