Payn's Ponderings Black History Month Music Edition

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2/26 Lizzo

Lizzo the famous flute player? lol its true she can rock the flute when she isnt busy dropping beats. She does like nobody else and doing it in the face of adversity and still looking damn good. Another local connection to Minneapolis, Lizzo has been part of the more recent scene here. Enjoy a deep cut from the Chalice and some recent numbers to get you up out of your chair and dancin!



2/28 James Brown

For our final installment this month Papa gets a brand new bag! The god father of soul James brown coming at ya!

Cheers for hanging with me for 2022 Black history month musical journey!

One more a few days late, but since the band is fronted by a black woman, it also qualifies for March being Women's History Month. Maybe @payn should start a thread for that too. :)

Anyway, I just ran across this group today. If you like your music a bit heavy, you may like Oceans of Slumber.


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