Penny Arcade has harsh words for WotC


Paraphrase: "You obviously don't understand D&D or it's fans. All you had to do was ask."

I agree. But they (suits) didn't ask*, so here we are.

*or worse, they did, and didn't listen.

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It is also a decent summary of the top level bits of this chaos.

It also is scathing in so many ways. A Sample below.

The practical, predictable result of this chaos is that open systems are coming out of the woodwork, from supergroup collabs like Kobold Press, Chaosium, Green Ronin, and Paizo, to RPG powerhouse MCDM. I'm shocked, startled, and mystified that there hasn't been an announcement from Critical Role slash Darrington Press, who has the most to lose, and whose legendary exploits the new OGL seems custom made to curtail.

However go read it in it's entirety. It is light on words really but so very heavy otherwise. That last paragraph is especially harsh.

Oh and go see the comic.
Ogle - Penny Arcade
Those two are national treasures.

If anything, we've got to see everybody's true mettle. Pretty much landed as expected.


Burn. PA are very effective in very few words.

Shame they haven't been supported well by WotC to date, as I think PA did a fantastic job of growing the community through the AI streams. I think of them for streaming, not CR (I've never watched CR). But that lack of support allows PA to be honest and open, which doesn't appear to be a freedom CR have.


Acquisitions Incorporated was the first LP material I listened to, back in the 4e days with Will Wheaton. Quite enjoyed the commentary


The PA guys have their own (excellent) board game/RPG thingy, Thornwatch. It's currently just a base set and 1 expansion, but there's nothing stopping them from turning it into a direct competitor to D&D.

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