WotC Peril in Pinebrook: A new free WotC starter adventure PDF on D&D Beyond

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Saw this in the D&D Beyond Facebook feed, but there doesn't seem to be an obvious post about it on the actual D&D Beyond site yet.

In Peril in Pinebrook, the characters find a newborn dragon and must return the infant to its mother’s lair. The lair, however,is under attack by hostile forces. As the DM, you'll present the challenges the characters face as they take the baby dragon home

It's a 22 page adventure that is written as a tutorial for first-time players and DMs. The organization isn't perfect: After I read the players' introduction to the players, should I really have several large paragraphs about how roleplaying works? But it also helpfully explains how Perception checks work when one first uses them, etc.

There's a new-to-me monster that might have been in Rime of the Frostmaiden, living icicles, although they're under-detailed -- basically just icicle piercers.

In any case, the price is right. A friend of mine's kid wants to start DMing after playing once or twice, so I sent this to her. I expect that's the intended purpose of this coming out now.
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Shawn Merwin left a comment about it below

Hey Dave, thanks for helping spread the word on this. For the last several years I've been interested in finding ways to bring new players and DMs, and especially younger players and DMs, into the game. Getting asked to work on this projects was a great opportunity to take at least one step in that direction. I hope we get to take more steps!

Yeah, I saw this up on the WotC site recently, I think it is interesting how they streamlined some of the class abilities and spells for new players, as well as changing everything that doesn't use a d6 or d20 into a fixed number (e.g. magic missiles do 3 points of damage each).


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Anyway, ran the file through the free compression tool at PDF24 tools.

Mod note:
So, even if the content is free, doesn't mean we can take it, manipulate it, and repost it ourselves. That's still copyright infringement, and EN World does not support such. So, I have had to remove that attachment.

It was a cute adventure, I could run this for the kids I teach. Wish it had a better name though in relation to the silver dragons its all about. The name is stock enough to work, but the actual adventure has a nice aesthetic to it that I think the name fails to capture.

But overall that's a small complaint. I enjoyed reading through it, and I think it does a great job of teaching people the game. I'll be making something similar for the game I'm working on too.

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