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Peter D. Adkison is the founder and first CEO of [wiki]Wizards of the Coast[/wiki]
(1993 to 2001), as well as a hobby game professional.
During Adkison's tenure, Wizards of the Coast rose to the status of a major publisher in the hobby game industry. Wizards achieved runaway success with its creation of Magic: the Gathering, which started the collectible card game category. It also distributed the Pokémon trading cards, and later acquired the [wiki]Dungeons & Dragons[/wiki]
roleplaying game, releasing a successful new edition.
Adkison is the current owner of [wiki]Gen Con[/wiki]
, a massive yearly game convention in the Midwest. In January 2001, Adkison sold Wizards of the Coast to Hasbro. As of 2005, he is the current CEO of Hidden City Games, publishers of the Bella Sara collectible card game for girls. As of 2013, he has started a production company known as [wiki]Hostile Work Environment[/wiki]
As a longtime fan of role-playing games, Adkison has recently become an advocate for indie RPGs. His own game design work includes [wiki]The Primal Order[/wiki]
, a "capstone system" for use with any of a number of different role-playing games.

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