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PHB2 - Character Options - Wizard

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Rystil Arden

First Post
I'm going to have to definitely decline that one. The Conjurer variety is simply devastating--there was a thread in the rules forum where there was more consensus about how broken it was than you see on threads about Wraithstrike and Divine Metamagic (though I think WS and DMM are massively gamebreakingly broken, but those have defenders who will claim they aren't. Immediate Magic it seems everyone thinks is quite unfairly broken without any defenders, or else it hasn't gotten a big enough name yet to have White Knights in the Rules Forum thread I saw, but it had a bunch of people post from experience how they removed it from their own character or switched it to a Swift action to make the game more fun again)


hmm, I hadn't actually read the whole thing (the benefit of proposing something and thus not being able to judge it myself). I had only been looking at the one that I wanted (transmutation) which didn't seem that bad.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Okay, lets look at them:
- All are nominally immediate actions usable 1 per Int bonus, spell level 1/2 wiz level, save 10+Int+1/2 wiz level if any. Can't use against unaware attacks, and lasts a round usually. Only specialists benefit. Can assume SR applies, though no mention is made.
- Abjuration (Urgent Shield): Small shield affect. Good for "Oh bleep" moments, but not unduly powerful. I'd okay it
- Conjuration (Abrupt Jaunt): Short range teleport, cannot bring others. Automatic get out of a hit free card as an immediate action. I'd okay it as a swift action as it main benefit then would be get out of grapple free card assuming you can make the concentration check (which, by a strict reading, would get harder each level you gained, which is sorry for the grappled wizard.
- Divination (Glimpse Peril): Small insight bonus on next save. Fine.
- Enchantment (Instant Daze): Daze melee attackers if they fail save and have less HD than you. Another instant attack nullifier, but at leas this one requires a save. Need to look at.
- Evocation (Counter fire): Fire force bolt at someone attacks you at range, neither can disrupt the other. Fine.
- Illusion (Brief Figment): Create a single mirror image, effectively giving you a 50% miss chance until it is hit or 1 round expires. Another in the nullify attack theme, and will on average half your damage on the next hit. Need to look at.
- Necromancy (Cursed glance): When targeted w/in 60 ft., cause a -2 penalty to AC and saves if they fail a save. Fine.
- Transumtation (sudden shift): Temporary climb/swim/fly. Fine.

Its the conjuration, enchantment, and illusions ones that need closer look.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Bront said:
What about the dual specialist changling sub?
If they give up their familiar, they'd lose the 5th (or is 10th) level ability for the sub (the maleable familiar).

However, if they did, I think they'd get the same bonus as everyone else: One ability. They'd just have to chose which one. That'd be a RAW ruling. One could propose they'd be able to use the illusion or transmutation ability the total number of usual times, switching at will. We should clarify this.

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