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D&D 5E Pick an Archetype


As the title says. Pretend you're playing a game tomorrow and you're a player. Pick 1 archetype from each class. You don't have to do every class tbh but more than 1 would be nice. Up to you to explain or not.

My criteria. Several classes I want to play myself for fun or interesting ones I have not seen in play as PCs have not picked them.

Artificer: Artillerist. I have seen the other three in play.

Bard: Inspiration Bard. Powerful and haven't seen it yet in play.

Barbarian: Not sure probably Zealot idk. Hard one for me not a Barbarian fan.

Cleric: Order domain. Same reason as above.

Druid: Circle of Stars. Just appeals to me, looks fun.

Fighter: Rune Knight. Appeals to me on some level.

Monk: Way of Mercy. New and shiny.

Paladin: Vengeance. Basic phb one.

Ranger: Gloomstalker. Power levels.

Rogue: Soulknife new and shiny.

Sorcerer: Rolled stats Dragon otherwise Aberrant Mind (new and shiny)

Warlock: Hexblade

Wizard: Bladesinger

Honorable mention cheese. Hexblade/Sword bard MC.

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Follower of the Way
Artificer: Battle Smith. I like the "build a friend" aspect.
Barbarian: Zealot. If I can sweet-talk the DM into allowing Dex instead of Str for Barbarian features, I could approximate a 4e Avenger.
Bard: Lore, assuming multiclass is permitted (starting Rogue 1, Bard 3, Knowledge Cleric 1, remaining levels as Bard.) Otherwise, Eloquence.
Cleric: Order. Good mix of social and combat features, and I tend to play "Team Dad" anyway.
Druid: Stars or Wildfire. Both look fun; Wildfire if party needs more support, Stars if not.
Fighter: Rune Knight. Most Fighter archetypes bore me. This one actually seems decent, especially if it's possible to discover new runes.
Monk: Ascendant Dragon. I love dragons. 'Nuff said.
Paladin: Redemption. Like Order Cleric, a good mix of features.
Ranger: Drakewarden. See Monk.
Rogue: Phantom, if the DM permits the "get soul trinkets early, but not Con save/ask questions feature until level 9." Otherwise, Soulknife.
Sorcerer: Dragon. See Monk. Though I might consider the Critical Role Runechild option, if it's permitted.
Warlock: Either Hexblade/Blade or Celestial/Tome, depending on whether we need bruisers or utility/support.
Wizard: Scribes, if the DM agrees that finding/buying new spells should happen or allows extra spell development; otherwise Divination.

Also, for anyone who would like it, a template with the class names bolded so you can make a compact but easy-to-read list.
[B]Artificer:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Barbarian:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Bard:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Cleric:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Druid:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Fighter:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Monk:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Paladin:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Ranger:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Rogue:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Sorcerer:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Warlock:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Wizard:[/B] Archetype.

Also, for anyone who would like it, a template with the class names bolded so you can make a compact but easy-to-read list.
[B]Artificer:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Barbarian:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Bard:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Cleric:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Druid:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Fighter:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Monk:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Paladin:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Ranger:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Rogue:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Sorcerer:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Warlock:[/B] Archetype.
[B]Wizard:[/B] Archetype.
absolute lifesaver, mate. cheers.
Artificer: Artillerist. closest i'm gonna get to gunificer. also, kinda just like the idea of having an extremely violent pet in the form of a tiny flamethrower.
Barbarian: Zealot. this reads like a really fun alternative to a paladin, and i've already tried totem warrior.
Bard: Eloquence. i saw someone play this subclass and honestly that character was hilarious. if i could make a character even half as amusing as that one was then i can die happy.
Cleric: Arcana. i want to take meteor swarm at 17th level so that when the wizard's gets counterspelled i can avenge his 9th level spell slot immediately.
Druid: Moon. i don't really care for druids. if i'm picking one, i might as well break it.
Fighter: Echo Knight. i just think it's cool. also mundane imprisonment just ceases to be a problem.
Monk: Kensei. haha, gunk go bwamp.
Paladin: Vengeance. look, i killed tiamat with this subclass, i have to pick it.
Ranger: Gloom Stalker. see druid.
Rogue: Scout. haha reaction movement go brrr
Sorcerer: Clockwork Soul. i dunno it just seems kinda neat.
Warlock: Hexblade. i had an idea for a warlock whose hexblade was actually a mimic he managed to tame and become friends with. still wanna play it.
Wizard: Evocation. look, the wizard might be an int caster, but i'm dumb. i just wanna shoot people.


Artificer: Armorer. A House Cannith Ironman. Let's go!

Barbarian: Totem.

Bard: Valor. I've played Lore, but I would like trying something different.

Cleric: Grave or Arcane. I'd love to create a cleric of Wee Jas.

Druid: Stars. I like the concept of astrologer druids.

Fighter: Battle Master. Not perfect, but fun.

Monk: Shadow.

Paladin: Ancients. Green Knight.

Ranger: Drakewarden. Dragons!

Rogue: Soulknife. Psychic rogues are fun.

Sorcerer: Dragon. Because dragons.

Warlock: Hexblade. I'm an Elric of Melniboné fan. 🤷‍♂️

Wizard: Divination. Leaning into being an actual diviner and not just a wizard with Portents.

Artificer: Battlesmith. Only got to play one in a one shot and it was really fun. Would love to play one again in a longer campaign.
Barbarian: Beast. Just started playing one because they are cool and I like the Underworld movies and Teen Wolf.
Bard: Glamour. "Instead of a Dark Lord, you would have a queen, not dark but beautiful and terrible as the dawn! Tempestuous as the sea, and stronger than the foundations of the earth! All shall love me and despair!"
Cleric: Tempest. Because storms are awesome and mighty and have you seen Thor's entrance to Wakanda in Infinity War? Chills.
Druid: Stars. A solid mechanical and thematic archetype on a great class.
Fighter: Psi Warrior. Someone poured a jedi all over my fighter and you won't find me crying about it.
Monk: Astral Self. It doesn't require as much investment into both Dex and Wis unlike most monks. Also 10/10 cool factor for me.
Paladin: Glory. Honorable mention to Conquest but Glory hits a good vibe that isn't as stuffy as some of the others. Also I like speedy characters and the Oath spells are mostly winners.
Ranger: Drakewarden. I like pet archetypes and this one seems more fun than the Beastmaster.
Rogue: Swashbuckler. A dashing swordsman with the mechanics to match is everything I wanted from the rogue and XGtE delivered.
Sorcerer: Clockwork. Everytime I play a sorcerer it is a disappointment so I might as well pick one that solves one of my issues with the class.
Warlock: Genie. VRBO and AirBnB prices are ridiculous so that's one problem solved. More importantly the available spells on the expanded spell list are intriguing, additional damage is great, damage resistance and flight are nice, letting others crash at my place is good for their health, and limited wish is one of the best archetype finishers in the game. Eat your heart out Bards.
Wizard: Illusion. Always wanted to try this one and I like the way the Archetype features interact with Illusion spells.

Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
Ouch, that's a hard one...

Artificer: Battle Smith, the less aggravating archetype for a class that I dont like much
Barbarian: Berserker, even if its not great.
Bard: Eloquence
Cleric: Grave
Druid: Wildfire
Fighter: Psychic Warrior
Monk: Open Hand
Paladin: Ancient
Ranger: Deep stalker
Sorcerer: Wild
Warlock: Fiend
Wizard: Illusionist


The High Aldwin
Artificer: NONE. Don't allow it in the game and won't ever play it.
Barbarian: Totem Warrior. I like the thematic and features are strong.
Bard: Lore for great skill monkey and quicker magical secrets.
Cleric: Knowledge for skills and don't care for most other subclasses.
Druid: Moon, because I love the wildshaping for utility as much as combat.
Fighter: Champion only-- the rest suck IMO.
Monk: Open Hand to go more old school.
Paladin: Ancients for the "Green Knight" concept--a classic.
Ranger: Hunter or Gloom Stalker depending on concept.
Rogue: Scout for more skills and awesome point-man.
Sorcerer: Shadow if any.
Warlock: Hmm... Paradox or Living Library by @Undrave. :)
Wizard: Lots of decent choices IMO, but nothing stellar. Probably Abjuration, Divination, or Transmutation.


Artificer: If allowing 3rd party sources I'd go with the Forge Adept from Exploring Eberron, otherwise Armorer
Barbarian: Ancestral Guardian, I like the flavor of connection to ancestry strengthening you.
Bard: Swords - lends itself to kind of swashbuckler flavor I like when I play a bard.
Cleric: Twilight domain - the idea of being the protector from darkness flavor appeals to me for a cleric
Druid: Moon, the options available for wildshaping opening up seem fun
Fighter: Battlemaster - I like the tactic options maneuvers open up
Monk: Mercy - the flavor that comes with the two sides of healing and harm seems like it would be fun to roleplay
Paladin: Ancients
Ranger: Gloom Stalker seems fun, played one for a one-shot and would like to build on it more
Rogue: Soulknife
Sorcerer: Shadow
Warlock: Archfey - the fey patron seems most flexible for what it would be like
Wizard: Abjuration, mostly since I don't see it very often and want to see it in play

I've been reading the new Dragonlance today, so that's on my mind right now and all this assumes a Dragonlance game.

Artificer - human alchemist. An arrogant genius jerk who ain't waiting for the gods to come back, and is confident that SCIENCE can fill the healing magic gap. Doesn't talk about a bit of a history of graverobbing and possibly a vengeful freewilled flesh golem in his past...

Barbarian - reborn storm herald (tundra). Partial amnesiac, who was pulled unbreathing out of a frozen river with a dagger in his back by a passing Solamnic knight and never ... quite ... recovered. Became a squire, since his only memories are flashes of him being a thug burning down houses and laughing at weeping terrified innocents, and he doesn't want to go back to being that guy. Heart beats only a handful of times per hour, body temp is continually almost at freezing point, his archetype abilities (and feral rage when he fights) reflect his quasi-undead status.

Bard - human college of valor. Middle-aged Solamnic knight who got soft when his wife (also a knight) died on a mission and he had to retire from active duty to raise their daughter. His old armour doesn't fit his belly any more, and he's more interested in diplomatic lunches and entertainment and reciting the old glorious tales than he does about actually demonstrating honor and undertaking quests these days. He calls it important work but the other knights sneer a bit.

Cleric - forge domain (i hate the archetype's Channel Divinity feature, but nothing's perfect), elf. An anomalous and social-skill-deprived elf worshipper of Reorx with ambitions of being the one who forges the next legendary weapons of the elves.

Druid - circle of the land (grassland). Plainswoman whose druidic powers sprung up out of nowhere one day, and whose was 'encouraged' to move far away by her tribe who thought she'd been dealing with dangerous fey for power.

Fighter - human battlemaster. Tiny adopted daughter of a Solamnic knight, Dex fighter who was never going to be big enough to wield the ancestral greatsword so had to learn tricks instead. Her impulsive, bad-tempered elder (non-adopted) brother took the sword but has left the knighthood and rumours whisper he's now a sellsword or even in the dragonarmies. Not yet aware that her adoptive father killed her real mother (who was a crime lord and assassin) and raised the orphan as his own.

Monk - Ascendant Dragon. Gully dwarf, from a small and little-known monastic tradition among the gully dwarves that reveres and remembers dragons, but whose oral tradition has meandered very far from reality over the centuries and almost everything they believe about dragons is wrong.

Paladin - theiwar (duergar) oath of vengeance paladin. Was a cold and clannish murderer in service of his corrupted thane, but a mission outside thorbardin opened his eyes to the wider world and now he wonders whether he's taking revenge on the right people, or whether there's those out there who are more deeply, funamentally responsible for the plight of the dwarves that he should be focusing on instead. May multiclass into assassin rogue.

Ranger - kender beastmaster using the updated Tasha's rules. Beast companion is a giant ant, and if/when it dies, a replacement digs up from the ant tunnels beneath the ground almost instantly. Yes, this is creepy for normal people, but it doesn't bother him. Rather than curious about other people's possessions, is curious about the natural world and insects and will tell you all about them even if you beg him to stop. Hoopak doubles as a butterfly net.

Rogue - gnome swashbuckler. His family life quest is to investigate the most efficient methods of loading and stowing barrels. Went to sea to do first-hand research on this, but had far too much fun fighting pirates and venturing to faraway places and gambling and partying. Now secretly thinks barrels are boring and hasn't done any research on them for ages. Deeply loves his family and is dreading them finding out about how he's disgracing himself.

Sorcerer. Lunar. Daughter of the bard above, raised on stories of Solamnic heroism and knighthood. Idealist, wants to fight for the cause of Good, gets herself in trouble.

Warlock. Half-elf undead pact. Her 'patron' is the embittered ghost of her elven grandmother who loathes her and the disgrace she brought on the family by existing and who is bound to haunt her in death. They share a body, and the levelling up process for her is each of them trying to control and master the other.

Wizard. Illusionist. Travelling painter who specialises in court portraits etc for nobles. Knows a few spells to help her out in her trade, but never took magic more seriously that as something fun and pretty. Will probably soon be forced to change her attitudes in that department.

Artificer: Armorer. I've already played a battle smith and the other ATs don't appeal.
Barbarian: Plasmoid path of the beast. Should be good for a laugh. Slither along the ceiling, rage, and stab the guard through the chest with a wickedly spiked pseudopod "tail". Just call me The Thing.
Bard: College of Blades. Because I can stab things to show how much I hate bards.
Cleric: Tempest. So I can blow stuff up.
Druid: Circle of Stars, or, if Stryxhaven, Circle of Wildfire (Prismari pyromaniac).
Fighter: I'm pretty much stuck on EKs.
Monk: Way of the Astral Self.
Paladin: Oath of the Open Sea. Oath? It's more - guidelines.
Ranger: Drakewarden.
Rogue: Investigative.
Sorcerer: Aberrant Mind.
Warlock: Hexblade Knight of Solamnia. His father's ghost inhabits a broken sword.
Wizard: Bladesinger.
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