Pirate Loot, a card game by Jason Bulmahn with art by Scott Kurtz is coming to Kickstarter

Jason Bulmahn

Coming to Kickstarter on August 21st!​


Can you plunder enough treasure to satisfy your scurvy crew before the other captains? In Pirate Loot, players take turns recruiting crew to join their ship, hoping to have the best possible crew when the ships finally set sail. Win the round to get your hands on the most valuable loot, but beware! Just because you claimed the loot does not mean you get to keep it!

Pirate Loot is a parlor style card game of treasure and treachery for 2 to 4 players. I've spent a great deal of time working on this game, and now I have Scott Kurtz (PvP, Table Titans) and Dylan Meconis (Bite Me!, Family Man) signed up to create the art and Mari Kolkowsky (former Art Director at Wizards) working the graphic design magic.

We've launched a website to share news and show off preliminary designs of the game. So far, we've posted up news about two of the four pirate factions (Brutal Pirates and Clever Pirates) as well as a look at the Loot cards!

You can learn more about Pirate Loot at www.minotaurgames.com

Jason Bulmahn
Minotaur Games

(Although this was posted to Press Releases a few weeks ago, I thought I would start a thread here to keep folks updated)

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