Piratecat's Updated Story Hour! (update 4/03 and 4/06)

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Snowy said:
Please continue the goodness, so I can see how good high level games run.

(any suggestions for some other 3.5 high level storyhours would be nice from the rest of you guys, just to fill the aching gap in my stroryhour needs)

PC is a very busy kitty. Folks need to remember that this story hour is a fun distraction...but it's second-fiddle to the actual game which it documents. PC updates much more regularly than some and less than others....and I think the story hour's success has made it more stressful to 'get it right'. PC will update when he has time and when he can stare down the huge pile of tapes that he uses to jog his memory for actual sessions.

By the way, if you're looking for a high-level game, my .sig mentions several. My story hour chronicles the rise of characters from 1st level to their current position at 25th. Sagiro's story hour does the same (although not quite as high levels, but they're getting there), Sepulchrave's story hour is a work of gosh-darned art, IMHO, showcasing what the genre is capable of. Destan's Story Hour is just plain good, I don't care what level you're at.

And these are just a few of the really great story hours available to you. There are lots and lots of them, and many of them are simply excellent. When in doubt, sample randomly until you find one that hooks you. Different story hours have different appeals; Destan's prose is fantastic and vivid; Sepulchrave's setting and concepts are humbling to behold; Piratecat's story hour portrays the pure fun of D&D and showcases a fantastic game and it's DM and players. Different flavors of Awesome. Try them all. :)

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KidCthulhu said:
Here's the story with the 3.5 Psion. It might be overpowered. It might not. But I play a Psion in this game, and PC plays a Psi Warrior in my game. If he starts messing with the Psion power levels, he knows there will be repercussions. Mutually Assured Nerfing.

I don't nerf him, he doesn't nerf me, we're both happy.

Hmmm... if what you mean is that you´re avoiding the outrageous combos and not overusing the problematic powers, that´s whatI wanted to know.


First Post
You know what I've forgotten? Are we still in the plus column for Pics for posts? If not, I'll try to whip up something. I'm not a very good artist, but I need more updates dammit...;)


No matter how long it takes Pkitty to update. No WAY this Story Hour stays on page two. :)

Take your time as always, o feline privateer - but alwaysknow we're eager to hear more.


Naathez said:
No matter how long it takes Pkitty to update. No WAY this Story Hour stays on page two. :)

Not all worthy storyhours can be always on page 1, there's not enough space. If every storyhour that was good was automatically bumped when it hit page two, the board software would rapidly overload and explode, showering the server room with burning shrapnel, and there would be no boards. Basically, I say posting just to bump something is overrated.

Plus, if this storyhour hits page 2, 3, 4 or 50, maybe Pkitty will feel guilty and post. :)

On the other hand, City of Heroes is addictive...

--Seule, @Canuck on CoH (and level 50, too!)

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