Piratecat's Updated Story Hour! (update 4/03 and 4/06)

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Piratecat said:
Sneaky, huh? I'm on Guardian right now, but have no qualms about changing servers to play with EN Worlders.

The update will probably be finished tomorrow and posted Friday. Today is a whole lot of work and finishing reorganizing the server drive database; I had tried to do prize distribution tracking people in Excel, and that didn't work worth a damn. I need to finish that process before I post an update. Like I didn't already have enough motivation!

That's okay. I just destroyed your world in my Strikeforce: Morituri Storyhour. So Sorry. :D

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For the sake of those of us not on CoH, might I suggest someone start a new thread where people can post who they play and where? That'll keep this thread from filling up with stuff that PCat will just have to delete later.


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I shall, once the official forums come back up, start a thread over there, on the Virtue forum, for everyone to check in on. That shall be my third and _last_ post to this thread, on this topic. We can move it all over there.
Currently, the forums are undergoing weekly maintenance.

Here is that thread, if this guess at what the appropriate tag is, works.
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Happy birthday, PC!

If memory serves your birthday is the same as mine, so Happy Birthday, Piratecat. Now make with the update. We expect hobbit style birthday celebrations in these here parts ;)


I _think_ it is actually tomorrow. I bet KidC will be kind enough to start a thread on it and we can come up with all sorts of birthday greetings to drop in there. :D


Hrrmmmm.. No update yet. What kind of puppies thread is this? Gets hijacked by some heroes video game. We need more puppy updates!


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I'm in.

And if you haven't done so, go to the off topic forum and wish PC a happy birthday.

Do it there, he's got enough posts to clear off here.

Sorry, one last semi-hijack, since I can't find a stinking login name for the CoH boards that isn't already taken, or is so far away from what I'm playing as to be meaningless.

HERE is the thread I started here on ENworld so that we can try, once again, to establish communications and arrange to get together in game.

I'm playing Meta Volt, cuz Mega Volt was taken. I'll end up starting other characters as I get to know what's needed. I wanted something familiar, and I love his costume design, which this is an improvement upon. Pitty I didn't follow my early impulse, back at release, of creating a 'throw away' Mega Volt on every server, just in case ;)

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