Spelljammer Plasmoids! Spelljammers ooze PC dry humorists.

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Sometimes I imagined in Starfinder a "hybrid" PC race, both different creatures working like one in a "simbiotic" relation as guest and host, muscle and brain.

* Can plasmoid be hurt by ordinary means? Damage by fall, or cuts in certaing weak points.

Who would be interested into a story whose main character is a slime/plasmoid? I wonder if the plasmoids are a wink for the Japanese market where the slimes are the icon of the weakest monsters.


I LOVE them.


Absurd. Its like, the rest of the universe is serious, and then there's this Adventure Time character quietly defying any and all laws of physics by oozing around and wearing clothes. Something about it...speaks to me...something...

Love them!

Spelljammer has unironically become a very interesting setting to me the more 5E talks about their take on it.

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