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This was given to me by one of my players & I have been using it since

1) What do you look like?
Hair, eye, skin color? height? weight? build? distinguishing marks?
missing anatomy? looks like <blank>. As long as we can imagine the

2) Where do you come from?
Describe your first home. What was it like? did you like it? hate it?

3) Who were your parents?
What were they like? what did they do? how was your familial status?

4) How did you grow up?
(Feel free to make it long.)

5) What is your code of honor/conduct?
What would/wouldn't you do?

6) How do you treat murder?

7) What would you do to a starving beggar seeking aid?

8) What would you do when the hostile enemy you're fighting gives up and
begs for mercy?

9) What is the easiest way to earn your ire?

10) What single feature would attract you to other people or what is the
easiest way to earn your respect/admiration?

11) What single feature would attract others to you?

12) What is your greatest asset?

13) What is your greatest flaw?

14) What skills do you think you're the best at? good at?

15) How do you deal with a dangerous foe?
If you like combat, what is your favorite tactic?
Technical or otherwise. Make it a short story if you want...

16) How do you treat the supernatural?

17) What deity is closest to you? why?

18) What are your current goals? How do you plan on acheiving them?
Godhood? A girlfriend?

19) How would you deal with an irritating party member? (In character.)

20) How would you like to die?

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die_kluge said:

1. Who killed your parents?

2. Which do you hate more:
----a. orcs
----b. goblins
----c. dragons
----d. undead

3. When you find the people that killed your parents, describe what you will do to them.

4. When you were abandoned as an orphan, did you have any unique possessions on you?

5. Describe why you are such a loner.

6. If they are still alive, what are your foster parents doing now?

7. List the people here that you mistrust, and/or were betrayed by in your past:

8. Describe all the strange, magical occurrences that the village elders could not explain that happened to you as a child:

9. Where there any events in your past (villages being razed, etc.) that caused hundreds to die, and left you as the sole survivor?

10. Were there any unusual circumstances to your birth (found under a cabbage leaf, washed up on shore, etc.)?

Off hand question: did you used to use Central Casting: Heroes of Legend to make character backgrounds?



Psion said:

Off hand question: did you used to use Central Casting: Heroes of Legend to make character backgrounds?


We did for our current game. It ended up with some odd results, but the DM usually rolled twice, taking the more sensible of the two. I don't own the product myself, though.


I'm confused. I think Henry was looking for something more for the PLAYERs, not for the characters. Crothian's thread is really about characters. Things like "describe the appearance of your character". That's what this thread was for. I think Henry was looking for something more along the lines of "Do you prefer a more strategy-oriented game, or a more role-playing oriented game?" At least, that was my impression.

If that's the case, then I *do* have a questionnaire that I intend to use for that:

These questions are devoted to different play styles. Rate each from 1 (dislike) to 10 (like).
1 Combat / Action (10=hack-n-slash)

2 Building a Character (10=twenty-page character history)

3 Puzzle Solving (10=spending an hour solving puzzles)

4 Role-playing (10=all role-playing, all the time; no out-of-game talk)

5 Adventure (Story) (10=no dice are ever rolled)

6 Dungeon Crawls (10=the characters never see the light of day)

7 City / Town adventures (10=forest? What's a forest?)

8 Outdoor / Wilderness adventures (10=City? What's a city?)

9 Politics / Status (10=PCs are imbedded into the political structure)

10 Epic Quests (10=Tolkien's got nothing on our party)

11 Adventure size (10=1 plot equals one years' worth of gaming)

12 Free-form Gaming (10=GM asks "what do you want to do today?")

13 DM Picks Adventures (10=GM forces PCs into the situations)

14 Level of Magic (10=Elminster lives down the street from me)

15 Other (specify) ______________

This section covers characters and their development.
16 In general, do you like (10), or dislike (1) Prestige classes?

17 What character level do you most like to play? Answer: _______

18 At what level do you prefer to start? Answer _______

19 What is your favorite class to play? Answer ____________

20 Which class do you feel is the weakest? Answer ____________

21 Which class do you feel is the most powerful? Answer __________

22 How important is character development to you? (10=Very)

23 Do you prefer game conflicts to be personal (10) or impersonal (1)?

This section covers campaign tone, and campaign style. Read the two extremes, and indicate your preference.
24 Light vs. Dark
A Disney movie. (1)
"Seven" (10)

25 Realism vs. Fantasy
Half my village is starving; the other died of the plague after they were given bad grain. I'm leaving to seek a better life in the mines. (1)
The Elf Queen visited our floating city yesterday riding on her platinum dragon. The sorcerers of Gkesh have created a horde of elementals that are ravaging their Crystal Forest. I'm off to save the elves. (10)

26 Difficulty
I died! That's never happened before. I hate you, Mr. Killer DM. (1)
Well, that’s life. Good thing I brought 8 characters with me. (10)

27 Importance of the characters
The world is oblivious to me. I am insignificant. (1)
The Characters are destined for greatness from the very start. (10)

28 Humor
Don't interrupt me, I'm role-playing. (1)
"That reminds me of that scene from Monty Python…. (10)

29 Magic Items
I can only dream of a +1 dagger before 10th level. (1)
What do you mean I can't start with a +3 Scimitar? I quit. (10)

30 Alignment
My Paladin just murdered someone, but that's ok. (1)
My Lawful Neutral PC refuses this mission since it clearly violates the law. (10)

This section covers various campaign Rate each from 1(dislike) to 10 (like)
31 Planescape

32 Al-Qadim (or Arabian)

33 Ravenloft (or gothic horror)

34 Forgotten Realms (high fantasy, high magic)

35 Dark Sun

36 Generic Outer Planar adventuring (not Planescape)

37 Generic fantasy (Greyhawk, Birthright, etc.)


Crothian said:
I may be wrong with what Henry was lookinjg for, but at any rate this type of things are very interesting as well.

True, I was looking for more of a "how are things going" poll, but those are definitely file-worthy.

Also, thanks to die kluge for your contribution as well.

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