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ZEITGEIST Player's Guide in German


I have translated parts 1-5 of the Zeitgeist Player's Guide into German.

While I am comfortable running premade English adventures, translating them on the fly, I try to have all the player material in German. This is because not all of my players speak English fluently and, most importantly, having everything in your native tongue adds a lot to the atmosphere.

With over 60 pages this has been a lot of work and I would be happy to share the results with other German DMs. However, I do not want to get into any trouble with copyright or similar issues as the documents contain all original images and even modified maps of Flint (with German captions). Of course, I retained all the copyright statements and credits and specifically labeled it an "unofficial translation".

So I am asking here:
a) Is it okay to share such content?
b) Could I also share translated handouts that I am creating while encountering them during our campaign? Since they are not available for free, I could understand if this was not allowed.

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Great, so I'll share only the Player's Guide.

Here is a Dropbox folder containing my unofficial German translation of the Zeitgeist Player's Guide for 5e, parts 1-5:

I will keep the files updated and add part 6 when it's done.


oooh really nice. I only did a short summary of the PG content in German for my husband for session zero. (not because he isn't fluent in english but rather because he's more lazy when it comes to reading that many pages and I'm much faster in writing down German text)

our differences: we called the peoples Berer, Drakrer, Elfaivari, Risuri or Risurer. We also kept the term RHC, but translated it to Risurische Heimat Constabler.

Regarding languages: Maybe change "Risuri speak english dialects" to "german dialects", same with the Fey who'd speak "Rede Poetisch" style. Also races... umm, I'd translate it to "Völker" or "Ethnien" because... y'know.


Thanks, I like those suggestions and have already implemented some of them: Changed Beraner -> Berer, Drakraner -> Drakrer, drakranisch -> drakrisch, Elfaivaraner -> Elfaivari

The language/accent suggestions were also updated.

Regarding "races": Didn't really think about that as the term "Rasse" has been stuck in my mind since the days of AD&D. My group didn't like the change to "Volk" in D&D 3, but I won't get into such a debate now, so I have simply changed all occurrences in the documents to the now-official term "Volk".

I still prefer the sound of "Köngliche Heimatpolizei / KHP", so I have not changed that.

Finally, there is now an additional Excel file in the folder that lists some non-obvious translations and localizations.