Playing DnD online

My beard game was pretty good before the quarantine, but I stopped shaving my head at the start, just to have a measurement of how long it's been. It's only been about two weeks and the feeling of hair on my head is weird after almost 20 years.

But then I can't show off my sweet quarantine beard.
For me, yeah, it's more important to see people and have that interaction and contact than anything else when gaming online right now.

I think I prefer ToTM over video conference call to roll20, tbh. I wanna see people’s faces, but we don’t need a map, and roll20...isn’t very good, IMO.


Well, I'm going to report back in a tomorrow (or later tonight) after running my first session. I played online last night, a virtual meeting of our normal Tues group, we used Discord for voice chat, and had Roll20 open, but I was not DMing.

I'm thinking, for my game, to put more on Discord. I discovered Avrae, a discord bot that can reference the 5e SRD and function as a dice roller. I like the idea of having a channel on the server devoted to between session play, kinda allowing some play by post functionality