pneumatik's WotBS 2 - The Indomitable Fire Forest of Innenotdar


The 8th Evil Sage
Shaylir moves forward and slings a stone at one of winged men on the bridge, hitting for 1 damage.

Lytha makes a suggestion to one of the winged men. He turns and looks at the men on the bridge menacingly.

Liiros swings at the prone enemy but can't connect.

Hollister sends two magic missiles at the same enemy on the bridge that Shaylir struck with a sling bullet, but the damage is minimal (4 dmg).

The sling bullet and magic missiles flying past Arshen prove to distracting, because he's unable to actually hit his stunned opponent.

The winged men in front of Liiros and Arshen shuffle around to allow their prone companion {S6} to stand. As he does so, Liiros takes the opportunity to swing at him with his longsword. He connects, and winged man drops to the ground again, this time in a crumpled heap.

The winged man under Lytha's suggestion {S1} moves onto the bridge and jabs the same winged man {S4} targeted by Shaylir and Hollister in the leg. The stabbed man stumbles but remains upright. Unsteady on his feet, he stabs his attacker {S1} in the neck. A fountain of blood erupts from the wound and he falls to the ground.

The red blood runs over the white stone bridge, pooling in crevices. The winged man at the tower hysterically attacks the door while trying to not slip in it.

Both winged men {S5, S2} around Liiros attack him. One stabs him in the back for seven damage while the other distracts him.

Torrent moves forward while drawing her battleaxe. She swings at the winged man by Arshen {S2} but misses.

The party can attack again.

[sblock=ooc]Sorry some of the die rolls aren't linked. Invisible Castle went down and I used the WotC throw-away roller.[/sblock]


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Thy wounds are healed!
Shaylir sees that the two attackers on the bridge aren't going to stop, so she starts towards the bridge. When she reaches the combat between Liiros and the winged "men" she waits and as the elven knight parries a swing and then returns one of his own with the first attacker she ducks through behind the heavily armored elf.

"Excuse me," she says as she passes through. "I need to get to the... OUCH!"

The second combatant took a swing as she was talking and Shaylir grabs her poor cut arm. "Hey that hurt you... you... BULLY!" she says backing away from her attacker as Liiros again forces him to block a blow. "Get 'em Liiros! Just don't, don't kill them if you don't have to."

The halfling then turns to look at the bridge, but the two there still seem eager to break into the tower. {{Well I can't let them do that.}} Shaylir thinks to herself.

[sblock=Actions] Move 40 feet forward along the edge of the forest to S-18. Provokes to AoO hit by one for 7 pts of damage ( max really :p )

HP: 19/26
AC: 19
Init: +3
Fort: +7
Reflex: +5
Will: +8(+9)

Sling = +7 to hit, (+3 dex, +2 BAB, +1 size, +1 morale, +1 item, -1 stone); 1d2 dmg; range: 50'

0- Create Water (2/2), Guidance, Detect Magic,
1- Shillelagh, Stand the Heat, Cure Light Wounds - 1d8+4
2- Resist Energy, Restoration, lesser, Cure Light Wounds - 1d8+4

0- Mending, Resistance, Read Magic
1- Bless, Protection from Evil, Cure Light Wounds(d)- 1d8+2

Pearl of power (1st lvl): unused
Turn undead: 4/4
Speak with Animals: 1/1
Vow of Healing: 4/4 [/sblock]
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First Post
Liiros Tivaniel, High Elf Crusader 4

Liiros winces as one of the winged men manages to stab him again through his heavy armor, but the elf quickly recovers and steps in to flank one of the winged men with Arshen, saying in Sylvan "Your fighting skills are sorely lacking, and your tactical acumen moreso. Observe."

With that, he lunges at the winged man between him and Arshen, ripping through the winged man's flesh with ease, while keeping his shield high and facing the other winged warrior. As he withdraws the sword and resumes a threatening stance, Liiros feels Corellon's grace flowing through his veins, invigorating him with the spirit of glorious battle! The elf's wounds immediately cease bleeding, and he stands taller without any further pain in his ribs. The elf smiles with satisfaction, daring the winged men to face him and fall to his swordsmanship. "Witness the righteous glory of Corellon Larethian's faithful! Surrender or fall like your comrade!" he declares in the lilting Sylvan tongue.

[sblock=ooc]Liiros is granted his last readied maneuver, and will recover maneuvers at the end of his turn, using his Vital Recovery feat to heal 7 HP at that time. His Iron Guard's Glare should help mitigate any AoOs suffered by Shaylir for her movement.....

But first, with Furious Counterstrike +1 active from the damage he just took, Liiros takes a 5-foot step to space V-17 to flank with Arshen, and initiates a Crusader's Strike against the winged man that he now flanks with Arshen.
1d20+7+1+2=26, 1d8+3+1=6, 1d6+4=7
Liiros gets a 26 to-hit, for 6 damage to the winged man, and in the process Liiros heals himself for 7 HP, clearing out his delayed damage pool.

At the end of his turn, Liiros recovers maneuvers and is granted #5, 2, and 3, so Stone Bones, Crusader's Strike, and Mountain Hammer.
1d5=5, 1d5=2, 1d5=3, 1d5=4, 1d5=1, 1d5=4, 1d5=3, 1d5=1

Liiros' Status:
HP 32 / 32
AC 19, touch 11, flat-footed 18
Active Stance: Iron Guard's Glare
Granted Maneuvers: Crusader's Strike, Stone Bones, Mountain Hammer
Ready Maneuvers: Crusader's Strike (2), Shield Block (4), Charging Minotaur (1), Stone Bones (5), Mountain Hammer (3)
* Maneuvers are numbered alphabetically for rolling granted inspiration
Other Class Features: Furious Counterstrike (1-9: +1; 10-14: +2), Steely Resolve 10, Indomitable Soul, Zealous Surge 1/day
Vital Recovery feat expended now for this encounter[/sblock]


First Post
Hollister continues forward, and this time summons fire to strike one of the winged men, hoping against hope that they are at least somewhat susceptible to his chosen element.

AC: 16, HP: 21/21
Mage Armor in effect, duration 3 hours

Move to Y17
Fiery Burst vrs S4: 2d6 damage. Reflex save vrs DC 15 for 1/2 damage.

[sblock=Spells Prepared]Spells per Day
- Level 0: 4+1
- Level 1: 4+1
- Level 2: 4+1

Spells Prepared
- Level 0: Detect Magic x2, Light, Mage Hand + (d) Flare
- Level 1: Mage Armor x2, Magic Missile, Grease + (d) Burning Hands
- Level 2: Web, Glitterdust x2, Knock + (d) Scorching Ray[/sblock]


First Post
"For the sake of our mission, brother Squire, I will pretend that I hearest not thy arrogant chatter," Arshen growls back even as he takes advantage of Liiros's manoeuvre to land a punishing elbow strike to the foe's unguarded back.

[sblock=OOC] Good stuff, use Arshen to flank whenever possible, giving Liiros +2 on his attacks is probably always going to be more useful than anything else Arshen can ever do. :p

Has S2 damaged anybody in the party yet? If so then I'll declare him favoured target for Blade of the Resistance, meaning +2 damage.

Flurry of Blows on s2 with flanking: 1d20+7=22, Damage 1d8+3=7

1d20+7=14, probably a miss, but if not - Damage 1d8+3=4[/sblock]
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The 8th Evil Sage
Shaylir moves forward past two enemies. One of them stabs her as she passes, and Fritz dutifully growls at him in response.

Liiros steps to bracket one winged man {S2} between himself and Arshen. He stabs the man in the leg and glorifies Corellon Larethian.

Hollister moves up and blasts one of the winged men on the bridge {S4} with fire. He dodges the worst of the blast. When the flame clears he's still standing.

Arshen attacks the man between him and Liiros. With an elbow to the back he drops his target {S2}.

Lytha shuffles forward and takes aim with her crossbow at the injured man on the bridge {S4}. The bolt spears the man through the ribcage, dropping him.

Seeing their companions drop, the two remaining winged men flee. The man on the bridge {S3} spreads his wings and jumps off the bridge. He glides to the bank and flees downriver. The man next to Liiros {S5} turns and runs. Liiros strikes him as he flees, and Fritz nips at his ankles, but he still manages to sprint downriver along the riverbank.

The winged woman in the tower looks out the widow. "I knew it! I knew you'd drive them off."

[sblock=ooc]We can drop out of combat rounds unless people want to go after the fleeing enemies. {S5} sprinted off the map.[/sblock]


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    white river bridge tower fight - rnd 5.jpg
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Thy wounds are healed!
Shaylir runs up towards the tower and bridge with Fritz at her heels.

"You see," she says to the winged man lying about the bridge. "You should have listen... oh my!" she says bring her hands to her face at the sight of the badly burnt and wounded man.

She knells down beside him and tries her best to help him.

[sblock=OOC] Will use Heal skill first to stabilize (which will roll next) If that doesn't work I will convert a zero level spell to cure minor. [/sblock]


First Post
Hollister follows after Shaylir, a bit more cautiously. As he nears the tower, he calls to the woman. "Yes, we drove them off...but would you mind explaining why they needed to be driven off? Who are you, and what is going on here?"


The 8th Evil Sage
Shaylir kneels to aid one of the downed men. She stops his bleeding, but his burns are still severe.

The door to the tower opens and the woman steps out. "I'm Tiljann. I'm a seela. I-" She recoils from the dead seela and blood on the bridge. She puts her hand on the tower and leans against it. Her voice is almost melodic. "Well. Uh. I'm a seela. I came up here looking for ... something beautiful. They were from my village." She gestures to the bodies on the ground. I never thought they'd do this."


Tiljann - art by Juan Navarro


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First Post
Liiros Tivaniel, Crusader of Corellon Larethian

Looking to Arshen for a moment, Liiros replies "My power is Corellon's power. It is by His grace that I live and it is by His grace that I am anything more than a common swordsman. See that my wounds have already mended by Corellon's grace. I will proclaim His glory to the world as much as I like."

As he says this, he wipes the blood from his blade by using the wing and clothes of one of the fallen enemies, then sheathes his sword and unstraps his shield, slinging it over his shoulder. Then he walks over to the tower behind Shaylir and the rest, looking around for any other potential threats that may approach or return.

"Greetings, seela Tiljann. I am Liiros Tivaniel from Shahalesti, a Squire in the Knights of the Aquilline Cross," he says in the Sylvan tongue, executing a formal elven bow. "May I ask why those armed men were chasing you, and why you expected that we would save you? They ignored our attempt at diplomacy and said they would kill us, though we have never met them or anyone else of your kind before. We seek a way out of Innenotdar, to continue our own quest, and we would like to help the forest if we could. What little information we have indicates that we must find the seela, and entreat them to end whatever magic supports the endless burning curse of Innenotdar. The Fire Forest must be freed of these flames before anyone here can be free and safe, ourselves included."

[sblock=ooc]Taking 10 on Diplomacy for an 18. If anyone else would 'aid another' to boost my check up to 20, it would be appreciated.[/sblock]


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Looking to Arshen for a moment, Liiros replies "My power is Corellon's power. It is by His grace that I live and it is by His grace that I am anything more than a common swordsman. See that my wounds have already mended by Corellon's grace. I will proclaim His glory to the world as much as I like."

Arshen holds the elf's eye for a moment before spitting demonstratively on the floor and turning away. "Proclaim what thou wilt concerning thy flowery elf-god. That is of no interest to me - but never again presume to insult my skills."

He stands apart as the others question the seela, watching her keenly for any sign of deception.

I came up here looking for ... something beautiful.

Arshen rolls his eyes. Typical. Some feckless woodland creature goes wandering after a shiny bauble and we find ourselves dragged into lethal combat.


First Post

“I'm sorry, Tiljann. I tried to reason with them, but the taint was too strong already, it seems.”

OOC: Oops, looks like I missed one round... thanks for taking control of Lytha in the meantime. :)


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Arshen holds the elf's eye for a moment before spitting demonstratively on the floor and turning away. "Proclaim what thou wilt concerning thy flowery elf-god. That is of no interest to me - but never again presume to insult my skills."
"Eh? Question your skills? Did you not see me addressing the winged creature as I hewed into his flesh? My words were directed at HIM. Are humans always so quick to think the worst?" Liiros responds to Arshen with a quizzical look, before heading towards the seela.

[sblock=Arshen]Does Arshen understand the Sylvan tongue? Because that's what Liiros was speaking, if you check my earlier post, when taunting the winged guy. Liiros is also using Sylvan in his questioning of Tiljann.[/sblock]


Thy wounds are healed!
"Why would they want to stop you from finding something beautiful?" Shaylir asks as she finishes stabilizing the seela male. "He is just lucky I like helping people or... or... Will I don't know since I do like helping, when I can." She stands up and dusts off her pants legs.

"Hey didn't the little ugly man say something about seela?" she asks of everyone.



First Post
"Indeed, he told us to kill them all," Arshen puts in. "Which at this point is the only reason why I do not think we should."
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Thy wounds are healed!

"Arshen NO!" Shaylir shouts overly loud for her small frame. "That is what he would do but we can find another way... I hope."



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"We need to discover the truth of what is going on here," says Hollister, very matter of factly. "If those Seela have somehow become corrupted, and the death of such tainted beings will free this forest, and us, of the fire burning here, then we must surely consider that option."


The 8th Evil Sage
"Well, I certainly appreciate your help," Tiljann says. "The seela who attacked me wanted the Song of Forms to end. I guess they knew I was onto something. Uh, I should probably explain."

"Seela sing. It's our Nature. We sing of the forest, we sing to celebrate and to mourn. We sing to work our fey magic and to play. About fifty years ago, before the indomitable fire started, the seela in my village detected a ... disturbance in the forest, like a malign presence. In response the village sang the Song of Forms to give it, uh, form. It became a huge stag made of flames. It was too powerful for us to fight, so we asked the elf-hero Anyariel to protect us. She drove the stag into the lake next to our village and pinned it to the lake bed with her sword of wood. Anyariel died, but the monster did not.

"Ever since then my village has sung the Song of Forms to keep the stag pinned to the bottom of the lake. We fear that if we stop singing it will escape kill everyone in the village. Someone else in my village, a seela named Vuhl, told me he found something in this elven village that gave him hope there was a better way. He didn't say what it was, so I came looking for it. Then those seela attacked me.

"You saved me from seela who wanted to stop the song. You must be what I was looking for. My village is around the lake the White River empties into, and in the lake is the stag of flames. Follow me and I'll take you there."
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