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That would be a “yes”, then. 👍🏼
30 years later, all 5 PCs are at their lowest. Life hasn't turned out to be what they expected and all are carrying the weight of their experience. I went around the table and had each player describe how things went bad, what they are doing now, what their relationship to gaming was and who, if anyone, they kept in contact with.

By "coincidence" they all ended up on the same Ferry from New Haven to Long Island. After an awkward meeting, the fog rolls in and the ferry turns over. The PCs almost drown but are pulled from the water by the NPCs that had summoned them before -- now old and bitter and operating from a pirate ship: the Blighted King has taken over the whole world except the seas.

The PCs were presented with 2 options: go and try and kill the Blighted King, or go to an island where the Hydra laired in possession of the still sleeping Twin Sovereigns. They chose the latter.

I ended up with all the same player from the first session so there was lot of good role play as they came to terms with the intervening years and the accusations and misunderstanding for their original adventure. Really good stuff, especially for a con game. We also continued to play up the question of which world was "real" and which world was "a dream" with different PCs preferring their "real life" personas vs their "heroic fantasy" personas.

In the end they discovered that the hydra was like them: an immortal, cyclic being. It wanted to control the Twin Sovereigns in order to keep their dream (this world) going, and did not much care what the Blighted King did. One PC in particular decided to "break the wheel" and decided to kill the Twin Sovereigns, so there was a big fight as the hydra tried to protect the Twin Sovereigns and kill the PCs. The PCs ultimate killed both sovereigns and found themselves thrown back into the waters of the Sound.

Not everyone survived.

The fantasy world ended with the Twin Sovereigns, who had dreamed it into existence.
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Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
Sounds amazing

I am reminded of the novel Silverlock, where the titular character is on a ship which sinks, and when he comes to, he is in the fantasy land

Also, "ferry" and "faerie" I like the pun

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