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Well, that was fun
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Let's see what everyone looks like!

I'll be brave and start...


I'll move this to the archive when we're done as an EN World photo gallery. :)
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Well assuming this works right, this is a picture of me and several other friends at GenCon this year...this picture'll probably turn out way to friggin

From left to right: Nathan; Ed (EN handle Fayredeth); Sarah, a great gal I met online; and me. (I didn't know clerics had bleached hair...heh)

Though actually, at the moment i have NO hair since I just shaved it all off for my part in a musical (I'm Daddy Warbucks in Annie)


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Tis I, the great Jackalgod/Gehreleth/Kamard.

This was taken almost a year and a half ago, but I just gained weight since, and my hair and beard are longer, so its pretty close.


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Here's an oldish one of my group, originally from WotC's playtester of the month thing. Clockwise from top left, starting at the guy in the white shirt:

Raevynn (plays Raevynn in my game), Jobu (plays Tao), the top half of Fajitas (standing, with beard; played Shara), Dr. Rictus (played Palladio), Sagiro (plays Velendo and has his own brilliant story hour), WisdomLikeSilence (played Kiri), the bottom half of Fajitas, Piratecat (me), and KidCthulhu (plays Nolin.)


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Here's my family on the shore of Lake Washington. I'm the guy with the goofy grin.


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