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The infamous Angelholic right here ...

If you guys want, i can post the pic of me as Buffy 5 years ago LOL


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Dave G

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Cool Idea Morrus!

I know I don't have nearly the post count I used to before the changeover, but some of you may remember me.

Here's my recent Drivers Lisence photo


oh, what the heck

This is me and the little gargoyles over a year ago. Just imagine both of them bigger, and me grayer and fatter.
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It's not very recent, but...

here's a picture of me from a year ago, ready for my High-School prom (dateless, I was the one to do the videotaping for the Media class).

Nowadays, I look much the same, except my hair's blonde, I have a short goatee, and am never found without my black/red dragon hat.


Yep, the gaming books are in the background. BTW, ignore the bare sheetrock walls, we were remodeling...;)
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here is a much better one of me...

someone mentioned that everyone looked like gamers. i never really felt i looked like a gamer. but to find out i do completely changes my life! ;)


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update ...

sigh, I'll see if this works ... this is the only picture I have of me that's on my computer.

and this was me in 1996 not! sorry ... should be more like 2000!! ... haven't really changed much...still even have the shirt...too bad my gf wants me to get rid of it!

[edit: white spot on chin is from camera ... and I have a new pair of glasses :p ]


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Mark Twain once said:

"If a man tries to look serious when he sits for his picture the photograph makes him look as solemn as an owl; if he smiles, the photograph smirks repulsively; if he tries to look pleasant, the photograph looks silly; if he makes the fatal mistake of attempting to seem pensive, the camera will surely write him down as an ass. turns the instrument has represented me to be a lunatic, a Soloman, a missionary, a burglar and an abject idiot, and I am neither."

I hate having my picture taken. Still, here is my work picture from the station website.


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