Power Rangers TTRPG Accessories

Coming soon are four accessories for Renegade Game Studios' new Power Rangers roleplaying game (which you can buy from their website). These include an adventure book, a character journal, miniatures, and an accessory pack of standees, map tiles, and cards. All are available for pre-order with a release of Quarter 2 this year.


Adventures in Angel Grove ($45): Rita Repula's forces are attacking Angel Grove, as always, but this time something's REALLY gone haywire! People are missing from all over the city, Zords are on the fritz, and it seems like even Rita doesn't know what's gone wrong! In this four part adventure, your team of Power Rangers will solve a mystery that leads to places on which no human has set foot on…yet! Grab your Power Morphers and get ready: Angel Grove is depending on you!

Glutton for Punishment Accessory Pack ($40): This set of full color standees, maps, and stat block cards are a companion to the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook and GM Screen adventures, "A Fool's Errand" and "A Glutton for Punishment!" Printed on sturdy cardstock and designed for the Essence20 Roleplaying System, each standee contains a beautiful full-color image of a Threat or NPC, along with matching stat block cards for easy reference, so the game doesn't slow down! Each standee fits into a size-appropriate plastic base on a 1" grid system, making them perfect for play on the included encounter maps or to mix with other traditional miniatures on your table.

Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Character Journal ($21.99): This booklet comes with expanded character sheets, character-building prompts and history pages, and linen-look hardcover book with 80 pages and ribbon bookmark.

Game Hero Miniatures Set 1 ($55): The Power Rangers miniatures set are a fun and game-changing addition to your Power Rangers Roleplaying Game experience. The unpainted miniatures can be customized and painted to look like a player's character and used on the game table to display and enact combat scenes and more. This set includes popular character archetypes from Power Ranger can be used to represent your player character, unpainted miniatures allow flexibility in character representation, and 28mm size is perfect for standard RPG grid maps.

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Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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