2000AD Pre-Gen Character question


I am new to WOIN and getting ready to play in a Judge Dredd game. I’ve been going over the rules trying to make a character and have been reverse engineering the PSI-Judge pregen.
  • Her Melee and Ranged defenses are listed as 16 (14+2 from Precog), but How did she get the 4d6? As far I can tell she should be 3d6 (AGI or STR + Dodge in her case). Am I missing something?
  • Her telepathy skill is listed as 1 but has 2d6 which appears as what’s making her PSI-Blast 4d6 but how did she get the extra d6?
Thanks in advance.


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I think that came up not too long ago -- both are errata.

Telepathy should be 3 (2d6) and both those DEFENCES should be 11+2=13. IIRC (going from memory here - I don't have it in front of me).

Devi is not a very optimized build; I might do an alternate version at some point.


Well, that was fun
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Thanks I did look through the forums but didn't see anything. Thanks for the clarification!!
Sorry, I wasn't clear. It has been pointed on the forums that it is errata, but we haven't published an errata document yet. There's very, very little of it.

Off the top of my head there was also:
  • Benchmark difficulties Challenging is 13 not 12 (honestly, that won't affect the game at all though)
  • Human Explorer exploit should be Learner: gain one extra universal exploit
  • Suppressive fire missing sentence about ignoring it in exchange for getting a free shot at you
Pretty sure that's everything!


Well, that was fun
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I've posted a sticky errata thread: