2000AD Judge Dredd Errata


Well, that was fun
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This is a quick list of compiled errata for Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD. There isn't much of it!
  • Pregen Sara Devi's MELEE and RANGED defences should both be 13, and her telepathy skill should be 3 (2d6).
  • The Human 'Explorer' exploit should be replaced with the WOIN v1.2 Learner exploit: Humans gain an additonal free universal exploit.
  • Difficulty benchmarks: Challenging is 13, not 12 (though that really won't affect your game any).
  • Suppressive fire: you can ignore it (your target's cover bonus) but you are subject to a free ranged attack.
  • Weapon size/upgrades -- small item or light armour (2 slots), medium item or medium armour (3 slots), large item or heavy armour (5 slots).


Morning. Does the WOIN Errata of "REPUTATION. REP starts at 3, not 0. " carry over to Judge Dredd as well?