D&D 5E Prediction: Hasbro Will Acquire Foundry Virtual Tabletop for $24M


Deliberate Misinformation
D&D owner WOTC and Foundry VTT will announce that the online virtual tabletop platform will be aquired by WOTC.

Foundry offers one-time purchase software for GMs where players can connect for free.
Relentlessly innovate using powerful and modern web technologies.
Empower community developers with a best-in-class API and modding tools.
You own your own content; no dependency on external services and no feature gating.
Provide a powerful system agnostic framework that can be extended for homebrew.
Incorporate direct integrations to other helpful game-mastering tools.

You heard it here first.

RIP Roll20, maybe you should have been nicer.

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Well if true that answers that question! I thought Foundry was too complex/unfriendly for them too do this with, but I guess I can only be Nostradamus rather than Nostradumbass once a day.


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EDIT: I have to agree with the skeptics at this point; I can't find anything anywhere to substantiate this prediction. Links or it's just a wish-fulfillment.
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