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D&D General Prediction: Planescape 5e will focus on MtG's Planeswalkers, and other Hot Takes


Here's my predictions for WotC's future releases. Caveat: I am often wrong!

* There will be a D&D 5e Planescape setting book, with a focus on bringing Magic: the Gathering's Planeswalkers into D&D. Possibly with PCs becoming Planeswalkers. I don't mind Magic content in D&D, but my fear is that this merging will be at the expense of all the quirky things I love about Planescape as a setting.

* We will see some classic settings come back as video games, board games, and MtG sets before they come back as D&D 5e books. For instance, there's speculation that there's a Dragonlance video game in the work. I'm intrigued by the idea that WotC could reintroduce a classic setting as a MtG set first, and if there's sufficient interest, release it later as a setting book.

* Spelljammer will get a 5e book, but it will be primarily an adventure book and not a setting book.

* WotC will continue its hard push into bringing D&D content to video games, with mixed results. I just don't think they're good at picking partners that can make successful games. WotC is a publishing company, not a video game company. And historically, when it comes to video games, they haven't been good at learning from their mistakes.

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A suffusion of yellow
The flying ship Weatherlight from MtG is the obvious crossover point between MtG and Spelljammer and I would absolutely love to see the search to find all the pieces of the Legacy turned into a DnD adventure across the Planes.


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