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A young lady with thick chestnut colored hair steps up and pins up a poster. The poster is of subdued colors, the images bleary around the edges like a water color. Across the top, in bright letters, the poster proclaims: Twelfth Cat Opera House proudly presents TEARS OF WINTER.
The main picture is of a wide eyed young girl, holding the handle of a mop.
At the bottom of the poster is a smaller picture, a group of armed guards, facing a rag tag bunch, clearly in prelude to a conflict. Under this picture is the word "Revolution."
In the top right corner, below the proclaimation, but not blocking the image of the girl, is a picture of a despondent man, holding a woman who is clearly dying. Below that picture is written, "Love."
On the left is a picture of another man, a guard, looking grim and holding restraints. Below this image is the word, "Choices."
Below the image of the gaurds and their opponents, the dates and times of the performances are listed.

(Here in RL terms, Eastern Standard Time, for ease:
March 7 - 10, March 14 - 17, March 21 - 24 at 8 pm - 11 pm
March 11, 18 & 25 at 2 pm - 5 pm)

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First Post
*pausing a the message board, she exclaims in delight, and yells for her companion, yanking her over to look*


Look, they're playing a show! We have to go. When will you have a break from your studies?


First Post
A man with sandy brown hair and light green eyes strolls up to the board, whistling a cheery tune. He puts up a poster, then wanders away.

The poster is bright and vivid. Across the top, it proclaims: Twelfth Cat Opera House Presents: ONE THOUSAND NIGHTS!
In the center of the poster is an image of a man and woman. The woman is in a colorful dress, flowing and silky in appearance. A translucent veil drapes from her hair all the way to the ground. The man is in an open vest, with no shirt, and blousy hip hugging pantaloons. The man is reclining on opulant pillows, clearly listening to the woman, who is sitting and gesturing as if telling a tale. Underneath that image is the word "Romance" in flowing script.
To the right and towards the top of the picture, though not obscuring the picture of the couple or the title of the show, is another image, blurred around the edges. This is of a sailing ship, tossed on heavy seas. Beneath this picture is the word "Adventure!".
To the left, not quite even with the picture of the ship is an image of another man, dressed similarly to the lounging man, only with the addition of a shirt beneath the vest and a turban on his head. The man bears a large scimitar.
At the bottom, on the right, is a picture of three women in midriff baring tops, and long, loose pants. Veils cover the nose and mouth of each woman.
In the bottom left corner of the poster is a brass lamp, with smoke billowing up from it, up along the left hand side of the poster. A genie can be seen, forming from the smoke. Beneath this picture is the word, "Magic!"
On the bottom of the poster, show dates and times are listed.
(In RL terms for ease:
July 4 - 7 at 8 pm Eastern
July 9 at 2 pm Eastern
July 11 - 14 at 8 pm Eastern
July 15 at 2 pm Eastern)
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