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Pro Empire Works

So, growing up one of my favorite games was Tie Fighter. I loved flying around in my suicide bucket, crushing pirates, ending civil wars and being a force of law in the galaxy. Yea, the empire could be a bit heavy handed but we were making the galaxy a better place!

I played the Decipher CCG (Badly) and, if I had the choice, always played Empire.

I fell in love with the Thrawn books and devoured them.

But other than Tie Fighter and the Thrawn books, there is very little written from the Empire's P.O.V. let alone something portrays them ... favorably? I understand that Star Wars is, at its core, White Hat vs. Black Hat so what I am looking for may not even exist.

I am aware of the 501st fan group (Someday, I hope....) and that excellent Tie Fighter fan anime.

I picked up Star Wars: Aftermath from my library and it reminded me of the old EU in all the wrong ways.

Is there something out there that I should be looking for?

Help me enworld, you're my only hope!

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