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Small God of the Dozens
In Palladium's Rifts setting there are super tech and magic weapons and armor that inflict and absorb damage on a ridiculous scale, measured in megadamage which equals 100 hp for each point of mega damage.

So a normal dagger does 1d4 hp damage. A megadamage dagger does 1d4 megadamage but if it hits a normal person it does 1d4x 100 damage. Non-megadamage weapons cannot scratch megadamage armor, and non megadamage weapons cannot parry megadamage ones. Lots of magical creatures, enhanced people, robots, power armor, supertech weapons, magic armor, magic weapons, and magic spells are on the megadamage scale. Normal humanoids and animals and normal tech weapons are on a hp scale.
Sorry. Was joke. I can't help myself when it comes to MD, which just rubs my rhubarb the wrong way.

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