Proposal: Allow Shava to shift her Attributes


Character Sheet

Shava is level 5 coming up on a level up. She did not join her current adventure at the same xp as her allies.

It had been my original intention to adjust her attributes when she had leveled up to five. However, since most were not leveling up at the same time as me I forgot, in my rush to submit the level quickly.

This proposal would allow her to lower her initial strength to 9, increasing her initial constitution to 13 (with racial 15).

This will increase her Fortitude, HP, Healing Surges and some bonuses when she eventually takes the Paragon Path of Lyrandar Air Sailor Wind-Rider. If you have been following Dirty Money, you will realize it is quite necessary that she take that Paragon Path. Eberron may collapse in on itself otherwise.

Thank you.
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YES as you haven't used the re-build yet for the PC, and it's really only a minor thing. Besides, she's taken enough of a beating now that it makes sense to have gotten tougher, oh and the soon to be sight of her beloved drow companion leaving will surely drain her strength a bit ;)