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Proposal: The Kokilen Shire (Hidden Valley of the Kami)


Thy wounds are healed!
Well I'm back getting some of my ideas off paper and onto the web. But before I write up my proposal for The Kokilen (KO-ki-lean) Shire. I want to talk about where to put it and who to put into it.

The map below shows my idea but if anyone can find a better spot please post up, I'm not set on anything yet. Although I do need a tall mountain to house the Ratlings that will be the main nemesis of those who live in the valley (like goblins to the human lands).

Speaking of human - I am thinking of no human presence in the valley it would be a real "animal" world and a way to introduce the following into the world of E'n -

imperial dragons
foo creatures
kitsune (Dragon Empire Gazetteer)
nagaji (Dragon Empire Gazetteer)
ratfolk (rename ratlings?)

So first the mapping out and then the plotting out.

Also any further ideas on this eastern style country add in please post out ideas I am all about writing things up together. :)



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My initial instinct was to place it on the opposite side of the larger lake to Heth. While this would make it a bit more inconvenient in relation to adventuring out of Venza, it would add a bit of exoticism and isolation which I think would suit having such a different set of races/cultures/etc.

That said, the more I thought about it, where you put them explains their isolation well enough: these races were hemmed in by the Harran and the Heth.

I think the big question, then, is why/how are these races (presumably) starting to get in touch with the more western lands now? Perhaps they've started sailing across the water directly into the Horselords territory? That could lead to some interesting cultural clashes.

I like the idea of having the Kami Forest adjacent to the Harran. Perhaps it's some place "even the Harran elves dare not travel into." That could lead to some interesting conflicts.

The only thing I don't like is the idea of having an eastern-esque culture living in a "shire," given that word's European connotations. But that may just be me.

Looks interesting, HM. Can't wait to see the kitsune getting involved in E'n. I think they have a lot of potential.


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It seems to me like the best place to put it is in the corner where Seithr meets Rhat'matanis. You've got forbidding mountains and forbidding desert on two sides there.

Scott DeWar

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I have to chip in my resistance of an eastern sire in the midst of an European land mass. I have to agree with Systole with his proposed location, a 'corner' that may have future connections to farther lands where eastern flavor would be more dominant, perhaps, rather the the orphaned feel they may have where they are being proposed.

Satin Knights

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The placement didn't bother me as much as the size. You are looking to place a shire, not a full nation. 2,000 miles across is just too big of an area of dominance for the rare races you want to do. Scaling the size back to say 100-200 miles across, with even small portions for each of the component races seems more appropriate.

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