Proposal: Wayangs


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Been reading up on all that. I don't own the ARG myself I have the Dragon Empires folio - was thinking it was only on there or over on the srd.

Just finished reading the whole thread and the first post doesn't list the alternate traits allowed.

I was thinking a link might be a good idea for races that aren't core. And since the ARG page lists traits/feats/and such not allowed that should cover my questions.



Hooray, someone's using the Wayang!

We've already approved ARG material for approved races; I had assumed that the Wayang had been included in that. It's such a small amount of material, and uncontroversial, that I'm not sure we need a separate vote for it (others may disagree, of course).

We could certainly linkify the Wayang entry on our wiki to the SRD. I'll get around to it at some point today if no one beats me there.

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Yep - Wayang was an approved race, and we approved the ARG material (including alternate racial traits) for all approved races with only a few exceptions that were specified on the wiki.