D&D 5E Proud Lycanthrope PC With a Deep Dark Secret


Fun new RPG character idea. A lawful good character (I'm thinking maybe a paladin) who is super proud of being a full-on lycanthrope - not a shifter, a real honest to goodness lycanthrope. She loves to flaunt it and use it to intimidate opponents, especially ones who don't know much about lycanthropes and just know they're scary. Her friends, however, quickly realize that though she is always flaunting the fact that she's a lycanthrope and using it as an intimidation tactic she never actually fully transforms, she just lets a little grey-brown fur grow and show to scare her opponents. Her deep dark secret, hidden from everyone, including her friends, is that she's not anything cool and scary like a werewolf, werebear, weretiger, wereboar, or even a wererat. She's a weredonkey.

Mechanically I think I’d like to see her have advantage on checks/saves to resist forced movement. I think she also needs to maybe take a feat for proficiency on will saves to represent sheer stubbornness. Kinda knows that one day she’ll die when she fights a superior foe who she figures out mid fight is more than a match but she refuses to back down or retreat... which is why she likes to intimidate does she thinks might be too tough for her… so they can back down and she won’t have to do so. Also imagining other occasions where she refuses to even draw her weapon because she doesn’t want to fight. “And you can’t make me!” Not sure about too much else, but I think this would be an incredibly fun character to play. Smart and likes to plan... but get's very stubborn at a certain point and refuses to change the plan to fit the circumstances or to back down from a fight after a certain point when she's decided to fight.

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