2000AD PSI rating on pregen Sera Devi

Andrew Dixon

Can someone explain how the Psi Judge pregen got a pool of 2d6?

Im going by v1.2 of the physical rulebook

PSI attribute starts as 0 as per step 1 of Character Creation Walkthrough

Basic Psionics career states you need a pre-req of Cadet [they have completed this] and PSI +1 [which they cant have as PSI starts at 0]

Am I missing something obvious, like if you decide to play a PSI judge, you get 3 in starting PSI attribute?
If thats the case, then I can see how they have a PSI attribute of 5, for a pool of 2d6

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
You've missed out Step 2: Species. Humans get +2 to any attribute.

Human +2
Basic Psionics +1
Rookie +1
Psi Judge +1
Total 5 (2d6).

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