Level Up (A5E) Queen Bee Berserker Light Weapon Property


I have a player who is looking at the Queen Bee berserker class but was running into an issue when trying to select their starting weapon. It says per the class that any "light" weapon can be used and gain a d12 damage die, but when one searches for the term "light" under weapons it returns with "light" as a defensive property rather than an offensive one. Is that the "light" the ability is referring to, or is it "light" in the sense of the finesse property?

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The Queen Bee was written before A5E was finalized so the language of Light Weapon is referring to the O5E PHB definition. That's been replaced by Dual-Wielding in A5E. The Queen Bee's ability would work with those weapons. It was talked about briefly in this thread and while there's no errata on it this makes the most sense to me.

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