Querent: near-future supernatural noir, PbtA, LF 1-2 players Saturday mornings


Beneath the everyday, reality boils with secret magic -- adepts slinging spells at each other using the energies of the tarot. You're a budding adept, whether or not you even know it, with a bit of magic in your blood and a sense that things are stranger than they seem. The city of Chicago, capitol of the post-war Heartland States of America, is one of many hot spots where factions great and small war against each other for control over reality. Where do you fit in? Who will you ally yourself with? What mysteries will you plumb as your power grows?

Alternating Saturdays, starting at 10:00 AM Eastern US time, voice on Discord.

This is a PbtA hack currently in development -- I'm hoping to find one or two more people to round out the table, ideally with PbtA experience so you can give me feedback on how I'm using the system. It's essentially a reskinned Apocalypse World ruleset, with stealth instead of cool, plus magic. If that intrigues you, DM away!

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