D&D 5E Quests from the Infinite Staircase TOC and Zargon.

Brandes Stoddard shared the table of contents along with the stats for the elder evil Zargon the Returner.

Brandes Stoddard shared the table of contents from Quests from the Infinite Staircase, along with the stats for the elder evil Zargon the Returner, over on BlueSky. Quests from the Infinite Staircase comes out on July 16th, and is an adventure anthology for character levels 1-13.



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BB Shockwave

This confirms Liliends are in the 2024 MM. Why because they are in the art of this book, but they don't get stats in this book, so why would they do that? Because they are being adding to the 1D&D core, the MM coming early next year. I hope they give an early preview of the Lillends to make them more usable.
Where have you seen them on artwork? I have watched previews and haven't seen them, sadly. Also the new MM only comes out in 2025.


sure, but Zargon still has to fit into the adventure first and foremost. This is not a collection of cool statblocks sprinkled awkwardly over an adventure where the players can encounter any CR at any time, but at least the monster is interesting
Sure, but the WotC version is a CR 17 monster in an adventure for PCs from lvl 1-3. Whether one makes the monster a little tougher or not is really irrelevant to the adventure. CR 17 is a TPK for a lvl 3 party.

And go through 5 more levels of dungeon.

On why Zargon is CR 17, no clue. The 3e version was CR 16 from memory. I guess they just want something that was high but not too high.
3e version was intended to be endgame boss for a whole campaign, as were all Elder Evils. I guess they used that as basics for new Zargon, slapped him into module he was originally for and then calculated his CR at 17. And we should remember that WotC designs their module to be fitting for all kinda of parties, including newbies and people who don't optimize or actively anti-optimize. Zargon may be weak as CR 17 for an optimized party or even 3 11th level Champion Fighters, but is he weak for an average or below average party? Because WotC clearly designs down towards them.


It's like I said, the Lawful Evil alignment for Zargon was because the Elder Evils sourcebook retconned his backstory so he's an Ancient Baatorian from the Nine Hells, and thus had to be Lawful Evil.
OK, so yes, the Monster lore in the appendix prior to the stat block includes the Hell backstory, and about how Asmodeus could not destroy Zargon as he kept right on with the Returning. So the Appe did says that Asmkdeus cast Zargon into the material plane in a prison...and the City formed around his prison.

So, yeah, primal eldritch force of Lawful Evil that caused the weird hierarchical civilization.

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