WOIN Quick Question on Ogron Star Marine


Playtest doc lists them at 24hps each. Is that correct? They have END 7 + Hardy which should total 5d6 or 15ish hit points.

Just an observation for a possible theming opportunity... ogrons are presented as specialists with pulse blasters (in the space section) but the ogron monster uses a projectile weapon.


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No, 24 is right. 7x3 +3. Or if you were rolling it, it would be around 5x3.5+3=21. The odd numbers do tend to lose about by about 3 points when rolling.

You're right about the Ogron theming. I mean, largely your Ogrons should have whatever you want them to have, and there's both "star marine" and "Ogron" going on there.

What I do want to do when all the post-exploding-dice defense/DC values have been ironed out via playtests is apply a structures "base monster + career" method for monster design. Not all will have careers, of course, but the this one as an example would do.