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World of Kulan DM
The List
As with my other lists, I will be creating lists for the various regions of Kanpur. The continent is way to big to have one list of races. There is too much diversity for that to work. However, there are races that can be found anywhere from the Dark Continent to the Iceshield Lands. However, while these races can be found everywhere, it doesn't mean they are the dominant races of Kanpur. Many of these races, like the Baklath and Fremlins, are races that live on the fringes of most societies and aren't always accepted in them. On the other hand, humans, halflings, and kobolds (but not dire kobolds or urds) are three of the major races living on the continent, usually in both rural and urban communities. The dragontouched are also common but not the other dragonblooded races.

Part One: Anywhere on the Continent
  • Aasimar
  • Alabast
  • Asherake
  • The Baklath †
  • Centaur, nomadic
  • Draconic creature [Template] | [Dragontouched] †
  • Dracovaran †
  • Dragonborn †
  • Felid [Template]
  • The Feytouched
  • Fremlin †
  • Giantborn [Template]
  • Half-Dragon [Template]
  • Half-Fey [Template]
  • Half-Troll [Template]
  • Half-Vampire [Template]
  • Halfling
  • Human
  • Kobold
  • Kobold, dire
  • Kureshim
  • Ngakoi
  • Ogren
  • Ondonti
  • Skarren
  • Tiefling
  • Urd
  • Zeidian
  • Zenythri
† Homebrewed racial traits.

PC Races by Subregion
Part Two: The Far North
Part Three: The Northwest
Part Four: The Southwest
Part Five: The Dark Continent
Part Six: The Horse Lands
Part Seven: The Center Lands
Part Eight: The Land of Fate [including The Haunted Lands and The Crowded Sea]
Part Nine: The Iceshield Lands
Part Ten: The Eastern Empires
Part Eleven: Indjran Peninsula
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