D&D 5E Radiant Citadel vs. Ravenloft


Did anyone else start thinking about this as soon as they started reading through JTtRC? We've got an extradimensional combination city and refugee camp with connections to other worlds, and we've got a set of prison pocket dimensions. We've got a setting that's too utopian for some people to buy into it, and a setting that's too hopeless for some people to care about it. Boom! Put 'em together, and you've got a campaign about Shieldbearers smuggling people out of Ravenloft. Each adventure they go to a different domain, learn to fit in with that domain's particular type of nightmare logic enough to be undercover, find their rescue target of the day, and get them out before the dark powers detect them or, worse, follow them back to the citadel. Half Mission Impossible and half Twilight Zone. Maybe the Keening Gloom gets closer to the citadel as the dark powers get closer to locating its position, and from time to time the PCs have to do something to throw them off the scent.

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