Raiding Kesh Shaarat


First Post
This adventure was a dungeon crawl.
Kesh Sharaat is a powerful rival clan. A replacement PC had acquired a secret map of a forgotten tunnel into the Kesh Sharaat throne complex - a series of extremely defensible caves deep in the Sharaat complex.
Seizing the opportunity, the Clan leadership proposes a bold suicide attack into the cave complex, with the PCs as the suicide squad. Pooling the Clan resources, the leadership prepares as much of a map as they can (about half the complex). The Elder Shaman had been as far as the Sharaat temple, so knew those tunnels. Grandmother had been to the council chamber, the whole Clan had seen the throne room, and bit of sleuthing turned up some fired kitchen drudges and some whores that had seen more of the complex.
With the caves mapped, it was time for intrigue! Nuuk' Gek's mother, the Shaman Luuz' Gek decided it was time for her to get a "goblin promotion" - the murder of her superior Elder Shaman Tulaak. She convinced Nuuk' Gek and Varis to trick Tulaak into coming on the expedition so the squad could murder him. Elder Shaman Tulaak was duly tricked, and prepared some ritual tattoos for each of his "followers" (the PCs).
Operation Kesh Sharaat was ready! The PCs, 2 minions each (half archers, half melee) and Tulaak hid in the secret tunnel while General Mog led a frontal assault on the Sharaat caves. The Sharaat sounded the alarms, the Sharaat leadership retreated into the throne complex, barred the doors, and the PCs began the assault!
The audience hall was cleared without raising the alarm. The temple was ambushed. The kitchen was assaulted. During the kitchen assault one of the Sharaat princes led a counterstrike. Grunnok, the PC warden held the door against the entire counterstrike while everyone else continued the fight behind him. It was pretty epic for 4th level.
The Sharaat princesses were murdered.
Along the way most of the minions died. Elder Shaman Tulaak raised them from the dead to fight on as zombies!
With half the caves cleared, and a couple vague notions about how to get to the king's chambers, the group went exploring. They found, fought, and killed a couple more princes, then found the inner sanctum. The door was held by the last prince, and that fight rolled right into the king and queen battle. He was a devotee of hobgoblin spiked chain style, and she was a necromancer. Elder Shaman Tulaak triggered his ritual tattoos, and the PCs and the king both started taking ongoing damage. The eldest princess was found and subdued while the fight raged. Eventually only the Grikka were left. Promptly they turned on Tulaak and beat him into the ground.
Retreating back thru the secret tunnel, the Clan called off the frontal assault and celebrated victory!
And newly promoted Elder Shaman Luuz' Gek had a prophecy! The daughter of the patriarch (the Sharaat princess) and the son of the matriarchy (PC Kyuzo) must marry in the presence of the warlord (Lhesh Haruuc) for the Clan to prosper!

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