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Random Anime Announcement!

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I hope they get some other older anime. Bubblegum Crisis, Tenchi. I'm going to watch, because I haven't seen it in years.


Dances with Gnolls
I don't know whether it is because I am older, or due to the current social climate, but I no longer enjoy Harem animes. I used to enjoy them as quite funny, but now... There are probably still some that wouldn't make me feel creepy. Like... I still enjoy Teacher Please! (Don't expect me to remember the Japanese name, Onagi?)

Ones like the 7 Deadly Sins though... it was good at the start but looking at it now, that main character is kind of... too grabby for me, you know? No matter how kind or just he might be, that weirdness doesn't wash out.

Anyhow, sorry about the tangent there, I enjoy Evangelion so I will no doubt be adding it to my list.

I don't know whether it is because I am older...
It definitely makes me feel old to have "older anime" to be stuff that I remember being "new anime".

You know the biggest downside of Evangelion being released on Netfix? I can't put it on the shelf next to my VHS tapes, DVDs, and Blu-rays of Evangelion.


I celebrated Netflix's acquisition of Evangelion by re-watching End of Eva... which I almost immediately regretted. Should have paced the sad better.

But yeah, if you have the slightest interest in giant robots, BS science, BS mysticism, or clinical depression this is a the show for you. Or even if you don't, give it a shot. It's one of the 20th century's greatest works of whatever-the-hell-genre you assign it.


Dances with Gnolls
Well, I'm 13 episodes in, and IIRC things are about to get a lot more awesome. So, there's that.

What's killing me right now is that, TBH, I don't watch almost any anime, but I did watch a bootleg anime that a co-worker had in ... oh ... I want to say 2000 ... and it was so good.

And it did have mecha (of course) but I can't recall the other details. It's been driving me bonkers ever since I started watching this.
Hmm. There are a lot of Mecha anime.

Could you be thinking of one of the many Gundam incarnations? That would fit in around that time. Escaflowne as well. Those Mecha have capes. It's hard to not find a giant robotic combat suit with a cape, as cool. Vandred is pretty cool, and featured a literal gender war. Blue Gender? That had some mecha. Hmmm... Not sure what else would fit that time frame and be a really good Mecha style anime.

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