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Ravnican guilds to FR


Jewel of the North
Hey guys,

how would you convert the guilds of Ravnica as presented in GGtR (guild's spells, background etc) to fit the large organizations of Faerun? This is what I have for now:

Azorius: Lord Alliance
Boros: Order of the Gauntlet
Dimir: this one is harder. Harper? Shadow Thieves? Kraken Society? The Unseen?
Golgari: I dont know. Cult of Zuggtmoy? Elder Elemental Eye?
Gruul: Uthgardt and Reghed clans
Izzet: Followers of Gond?
Orzhov: easy, I love their looks and lore, an improved Zhentarim!
Cult of Rakdos: Cult of Grazzt? Asmodeus? I dont know...
Selesnya: Emerald Enclave
Simic Combine: Kraken Society? Abolethic Sovereignty+Spellscarred?

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