D&D 5E To much 5th edition content?


Or, apparently one near enough to the concept that the light from one would take less then ten million years to reach the other as the Battlemaster is absolutely nothing like the Warlord. It's the hollowed out shell of the Next core fighter after the wizard fans in the playtest got done with it.
I often wonder if this is true. How many FIGHTER players complain they don't want things that would put them on par with wizards compared to how many WIZARD players say it.

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this must be a joke. battlemaster as a warlord is like saying a way of shadow monk is a rogue...
You misunderstood. I think the Battlemaster could be a good warlord with the addition of warlord-style maneuvers and the addition of a fighting style that allows you to let other people attack. The maneuvers it has right now (mostly Commander's Strike) aren't good enough to qualify right now - and the fighting style pushes any fighter into primary combatant.

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