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Hi all,
I am on a hunt for new systems. Recently I played the introductory adventure of Fabula Última and that got me going on a one-shot new system a month goal. Although my first months are already planned, I am looking for a Viking themed system to squeeze in between. There is a catch though, it needs to:

1. It must be possible to play online. I Use Fantasy Grounds Unity, but could use anything else. I point this out because I know There are systems out there without dices, so I am not sure I could use cards, runes or whatever if people are not in the same place. (Mandatory)
2. It must have a Free Start Guide - I already have enough long-term campaigns going on and I don't want to put more time preparing and reading whole books. The idea here is simple, read 50 pages or so, run a mediocre game, get the bearings of the system and scenario, move over to a new one. Not willing to pay 50$ for a book I will use only once. Definetly looking to buy the ones I ended up liking and increase my collection. (Preference)

At first I wanted to run Yggdrasil. In fact I've been wanting to run Yggdrasil for around 5 years. Played once and liked it. Doesn't seen to have a Start Guide, and it is apparently discontinued, which explain why I can't find a copy. This one I would gladly buy a physical copy, but the digital pdf is a little too overpriced in my opinion (not a fan of buying digital pdf).

Read a lot about Runequest and that got me really interested. In fact Runequest will definetly be in my montly one-shots, but I can't find exactly wich edition should I use for a viking themed adventure, nore how to get my hands on it.

So, what system do you recommend:

A. For my Viking themed one-shot (Both an official adventure or my own custom made would work here as this one is on my mind for too long)
B. In general for the months to come. I really want to know different stuff, and see what new RPG systems are bringing that are original and interesting in terms of mechanics more than scenarios.

I would appreciate ANY insights.
Thank you so much.

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Mythic Iceland for the Basic Roleplaying system also meets all your requirements. I've run it with the Mythras ruleset (similar to BRP) and it definitely scratches the itch for a Viking themed setting.
There's a free to downloand Basic Roleplaying Quickstart available here .
And for the Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT, there's the Basic Roleplaying Ruleset here .

There's also a Basic Roleplaying rules module currently being built for the Foundry VTT. The Basic Roleplaying system just got a recent update of the core rulebook titled the Basic Roleplaying: Universal Gaming Engine. However, the changes between it and the previous edition (commonly referred to as the BGB - Big Gold Book) were very minimal. The Quickstart PDF I linked above is for the BGB edition, but can be used without problems with the latest edition. I personally like BRP as well as the similar Mythras for the Historical Fantasy genre. Since you menitioned Runequest; if you're familiar with those rules and like them, you'll probably like BRP too, as it's similar.


I always recommend these two games, both use the Resistance System, though they have some slight differences.

Spire: The City Must Fall

Heart: The City Beneath

Both can easily be played online. Both have quickstarts available in PDF for pay what you want at the links above.

Spire is a game where the PCs are drow elves resisting the rule of high elves in a mile high city. It’s about resistance and the cost it has on people. Unique classes specific to the world. Core mechanics are easily understood.

Heart is a game about dungeon delving… if the dungeon was a living tear in reality. It’s about damaged people living on the outskirts, doing things few others would do, and how that takes its toll on them. Again, the classes are unique and specific to the world. This game takes place in the same world as Spire… the Heart is beneath the city of Spire, actually. The games largely play the same way, but the tweaks to the system give each game a different vibe.

There’s nothing about vikings in here, but other than that, each would fit your requests. The game is easily understood, and each quickstart has a solid intro to the settings. Both settings are very unique and flavorful, and the core books are amazingly written, with ideas just packed into each page.

Hope you give either a try!


If the game will be more character/narrative focused, I would heartily recommend Cortex Prime. It plays very well online as it doesn't need a grid map (I do still use a VTT, but to show a mood board for each scene and to keep track of characters and scene tags) and it uses bog standard dice. The core book is a toolkit, so there are some choices to be made to tailor it to your campaign to match its themes and tones. But that's a strength as well, as those options will reinforce the feel of the campaign.

There's an introductory part of the core rules available online ( and a more complete/in-depth set of rules available as a quickstart from the first official RPG published under the ruleset ( (Also, while Tales of Xadia is the first RPG published under the Cortex Prime ruleset, there are games under it's previous Cortex Plus iteration that can be good examples as well.)

Overall, I've found the rules allow us to emphasize character traits and growth and foibles, allowed for some really intense challenges and vivid encounters and combats, and it flows quite well. We've played a handful of different campaigns under them, and they've worked well for each so far.

However, if you want tactical combat, it is not geared towards that and so something else would fit the bill better. :)

Hand of Evil

I say go online and try different systems. Find one you like by testing, touching and feeling it. Any system we offer up will be because we are fans but that does not mean you will be.

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